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User Info: shadowysea07

8 months ago#1
Have you played it? - Results (41 votes)
58.54% (24 votes)
41.46% (17 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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Dragon quest 6 for the ds and ios/android. Haven't played this one either.
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User Info: Blaqthourne

8 months ago#2
Yes. Beat it a couple years ago on DS. It's in my top 3 mainline DQ games with 3 & 7.
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User Info: Mr Crispy

Mr Crispy
8 months ago#3
Yes. I'd probably say that it's the worst dq game though.
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User Info: tejtejtej

8 months ago#4
oops, only saw the ios part so I voted no.

the ds version was a fun time.

User Info: ShiryuChaos

8 months ago#5
Top10 Final Fantasy VII, Dragon Quest IX:Sentinels of the Starry Skies, Lufia 2,BoF III, Bravely Default & Second, Baha Lagoon, XC2,FantasyLife,Pkmn Silver

User Info: Tiael

8 months ago#6
DS and mobile, yeah.
Mobile has some bonuses over the DS remake but it's nothing like DQIV mobile having party chat over the DS remake.
One of my top 5.
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User Info: Expa0

8 months ago#7
Yeah, played it on the DS. I think it's one of the weakest entries in the series, I cannot even exactly point as to why but that is how I feel.

Never been a fan of the Dragon Quest job system I guess would be one reason and I also recall that the dungeon design was pretty obnoxious on this.
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User Info: badboy

8 months ago#8
Yes completed it on DS

User Info: Horith

8 months ago#9
This game has been sitting on my shelf for years, and I never even plugged it into my DS.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

8 months ago#10
Yeah, I enjoyed it on the DS.

Nocturnus was too easy, though. The guides all suggest grinding your ass off to survive his onslaught. But you can easily work around it at much lower levels by exploiting the ally AI. See, the AI does not confirm its spell choice until it's actually their turn. On manual, you wouldn't know who's going to need a heal or revive because you won't know who's getting targeted. The AI can do this by reaction though. It will know to use Multiheal if everyone's alive, or Kazing if somebody dies, for example. The rest just comes down to unloading all your MP for damage.
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