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User Info: mejibrayn

5 months ago#1
Is it just a farming "simulator" thingy, or is it something more? - Results (16 votes)
56.25% (9 votes)
43.75% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So I want to make a short series of topics where people vote on if something is or isn't an RPG in their opinon.

Spoilers on what's to come (not in order):
MOBAs with leveling systems
Total War Warhammer
Half Minute Hero

+Blaqthourne's suggestions
Baseball Stars
Gran Turismo
Madden NFL

+LoneCourier2281's suggestion
MLB: The Show

Previous results:
2D Castlevanias (SotN and onwards) [17 Yes 43.59%; 22 No 56.41%]
Zelda [7 Yes 10.14%; 55 No 79.71%]
Yakuza [16 Yes 50%; 16 No 50%]
Heroes of Might and Magic an RPG? [12 Yes 48%; 13 No 52%]
Advance Wars [3 Yes 7.89%; 35 No 92.11%]
Borderlands [24 Yes 63.16%; 14 No 36.84%]
Monster Hunter [14 Yes 51.85%; 13 No 48.15%]
Rogue Legacy [6 Yes 26.09%; 17 No 73.91%]
Warhammer 40k Dawn of War II (campaign) [4 Yes 66.67%; 2 No 33.33%]
Child of Light [29 Yes 93.55%; 2 No 6.45%]
Darksiders [1 Yes 8.33%; 11 No 91.67%]
Disciples [3 Yes 50%; 3 No 50%]
Still active:
Mass Effect
Deus Ex
Valkyria Chronicles
Elemental Gimmick Gear
Magic Knight Rayearth (Saturn)
Iron Storm (Saturn)
X-Com (and XCOM) main series
Popful Mail

User Info: unikat

5 months ago#2
Well if they are... well if Stardew Valley is like them, then I'd say no, it's not an RPG, despite dungeon basically being an action RPG.
Game that has mini-side game that is an RPG, isn't an RPG game itself imo.

If it's a campaign, or complete side mode (like maybe dungeon mode in Ehrgeiz) then sure "it's also an RPG", but as completely optional dungeon...
"The game design for real life is so flawed!"
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