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User Info: TimeOfTheDark

9 years ago#1
And the best two we currently have are both available for the PC(Skyrim and Witcher 2)

Check the upcoming releases for the big consoles and there aren't any good rpgs (actually I don't see any at all). Dragon's Dogma just came out, but that game is pretty bad with some major flaws... decent idea, very poor execution. Don't know what Capcom was thinking... what kind of market is there for a short single player RPG where instead of co-op and online you get AI henchmen? What's with those black bars at the top and bottom. How come fights climbing on enemies is just grab onto an enemy and mash attack while it helplessly gets stabbed?

Meanwhile, the PC has been pumping out great RPGs like nothing. It's almost like too many good ones. What do console owners have to look forward too? Bad Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings (though WitN was decent, but VERY short), whatever crap game gets the name Dungeons and Dragons thrown on it?

User Info: JunpeiIori

9 years ago#2
I'm not going to argue that there has, in fact, been a lack of good RPGs, but to only name two is pretty short-sided. Plus, last generation all of the really good stuff came in the later years of the console, a year or two before and then after this generation of consoles came out.

Still, I think you're missing Valkyria Chronicles, Xenoblade, and Demon's Souls, as far as console exclusives go. Some would also say Lost Odyssey. As far as games on consoles and PC, you're missing Mass Effect, Dark Souls (Soon to be on PC.), Dragon Age, Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

Yeah, our cup hasn't runneth over but there are still plenty of solid titles to play besides the ones I mentioned, even if they aren't breaking any new ground.
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User Info: Horith

9 years ago#3
Indeed, and there are a slew of games coming up this year. Don't sell this generation short just yet.
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User Info: SilentSerph

9 years ago#4
Also, why would you disregard something because it's also available on the PC? Not everybody has a modern PC and not all games that come out for PC are also compatible with the Mac.

User Info: EchoBaz

9 years ago#5
I cannot stress this enough.

Do not waste your time with any Elder Scrolls game on any console. You are missing out on what makes the series so great.

The massive amount of community content.
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User Info: saint35

9 years ago#6
Arc Rise Fantasia is pretty good despite some flaws. Tales of Vesperia is probably the best RPG this generation for consoles. Graces was good and the gameplay was better then Vesperia, but everything else paled in comparison to Vesperia. In general though, I agree for the most part. This has been by far the worst console generation in terms of RPG's. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and The Last Remnant were all disappointing. Final Fantasy is pretty much dead to me personally. There was also no console SMT released this generation. Japan needs to get their $%& together for next console generation.
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User Info: SilentSerph

9 years ago#7
Tales of Vesperia is one of the best, but I would rank Valkyria Chronicles and both D- Souls games above it, as well as the Mass Effect trilogy.

FFXIII...even though I quit it at the 25 hour mark, I can't dislike it, and I can't rule out finishing it someday.

User Info: Pdaimaoh

9 years ago#8
Ehh, well if I don't get to include all the stuff on the DS, I still ended up playing a lot of RPGs that worked well enough for me. No gen has a fat pile of RPGs I consider OMG THIS IS THE STUFF!!!!! and I don't concern myself with only that, either.

There are at least six console RPGs I'll be playing again (and in one case have played through FOUR times already...)
that's pretty good considering I only have maybe three or four from last gen that still make the cut and two from before that...

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User Info: CreekCo

9 years ago#9
Sounds like you should check out the jrpgs being released on the PSP and DS. P4P, Growlanser 4 and several other excellent games are coming out this year. Last year wasn't necessarily the best but PC gaming has actually been ok over the past few years and there are ok console games out, too. Tales of Graces F has quickly found it's way into my favorite games ever list. I'm glad I avoided much of the online discussion about the game until I got up to about the end of it b/c people have very unrealistic expectations. I think it will be the first Tales game I actually finish.
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User Info: BatenKait0s

9 years ago#10
For me, I've transitioned to handheld RPGs because of the severe drought in this genre on consoles. However, the few that I actually enjoy on the consoles make it all worth the aggravation in my opinion:


The Last Story (Soon)
Pandora's Tower (Hopefully Soon)
Arc Rise Fantasia (Underrated, magical)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Controls takes some getting used to but this is highly overlooked)
Dragon Quest Swords (My least favorite DQ game, but still fun)


Magna Carta 2
Eternal Sonata
Infinite Undiscovery
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
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