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User Info: tokko1234

4 months ago#1
can anyone tell me some good parts i should have for my buggy so i can win all the races on each difficulty? i am trying to do this next since i have currently given up on ken clinic for now as it is starting to annoy me a bit so i need a break.
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User Info: BlackDragon

4 months ago#2
Well, there’s a ton of parts... in the beginning, you’ll mostly just want to use the best you’ve got in each section. One thing to make note of is the 5000-BP parts you can buy - there’s no other way to get them, and they’re the best around. You’ll want the WILD-type tires, since they’re vastly superior to the other set, and the Sleipnir Engine, which is somewhat superior to the High Speed one. In both cases, the alternative offers a pittance of extra speed that you’ll likely never get to use anyway, against notable loss in areas such as boost, acceleration, handling and braking.

If you need other good parts, go treasure-hunting! Treasure-maps will usually lead you to parts, u less you have already gotten everything in a given tier. If you’re far enough along to be seeing S-ranked maps, it’s not a bad idea to just take the time to collect all the parts so you can see all your options. Handling followed by Speed are your highest priorities for high-level racing, followed by Acceleration and, for some of the nastier ones, Durability.
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