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  3. I -must- be doing something wrong

User Info: KAAurious

6 months ago#1
Because I'm getting my face wrecked. I've played Yakuza 0, Kiwami, 3 and whatnot. And for some reason, I've never really had much in the way of troubles. This? This though?

Destroyed. I'm on normal at the moment and for some reason, packs of goons are way harder than actual boss fights. The fact that I have no healing items isn't helping either. (I'm in chapter 5, when can I actually go BUY healing items?)

User Info: gokuss4z

6 months ago#2
The Bazzar should be unlocked by then, are you leveling up?
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User Info: Miruzake

6 months ago#3
You're definitely doing something wrong. I blazed through the whole game easily. You buy healing items from one of the junk shops in town. Make sure you level up too? I focused on dmg and health up at first.
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User Info: MarvelFireBird

6 months ago#4
I personally focused on acquiring moves and health as I did not want to increase my damage too much so I could achieve all the Death Cries. I had no problem with enemies once I learned when and how to use channeling maneuvers and how they helped with bosses as well. The game is rather easy once that comes into play. With crowds, you should be able to unlock his aerial AOE move by then.
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  3. I -must- be doing something wrong
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