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User Info: Argonar_Alfaran

2 months ago#1
I've been farming those fiend heads (and only those heads) forever now.
Leveled from Lv90 to 96
Leveled 3 Weapons from Lv 7 to 8 per character
Got more than 40 Vampire capes already, but not a single Axe Orb.

I've tried with casting analyze on the chest, without doing so and interrupting the animation with opening the chest.

This has to be one of the most unfun things I ever had to do in a video game. Seriously, how bad is the dropping rate for those stupid axe orbs? And it wouldn't be as bad if they wouldn't only drop chests every 20th kill or so.
I'm totally frustrated

User Info: Argonar_Alfaran

2 months ago#2
So it took me to Level 98,5 to finally get my first Axe Orb.
The glove Orb dropped surprisingly fast.

The Boomerang Orb was a Nightmare, because even thought there were 3 master ninjas, they would hardly ever drop a chest. It took another 2 maxed weapons to finally get the orb.

But then I started farming the Whip Orb and those knights (whatever their name is) would absolutely never drop a chest at all. Fought them in the last room, where there are 3 of them and I had to kill 100 of them for the first chest to drop (the mp usage made it easy to track) and the drop rate didn't increase much afterwards. Luckily the fourth or so chest gave me the orb.

Now I'm back to farming the last Axe Orb (which will be the final Orb that I need) and oh boy. Maxed another weapon (2 remaining for the boy) and I got like 12 chests within one hour, 0 Orbs of course. The first 30 minutes were especially frustrating as there were only 2 chests around the haflway point and they were right after another. So I got nothing for 15 minutes straight, twice....
I'm sooo glad when I'm done with this.

Sorry for my rant, but this is really destroying the experience of this game for me. And I know people compare other old games with similar drop ratings, but the thing is I have farmed those (like pink tails in FFIV) and it was not nearly as unfun as this, because even if the mechanic behind it was the same (%drop -> %rare) you as the player would not notice, you'd either get the item or you didn't

Here you hardly ever get a chest, and if you do it's a dud most of the time. Also FFIV could basically be played with one finger. Rund around->random encounter -> keep pressing confirm button -> victory -> repeat. Which made it very easy to watch something instead of focusing on the game.
Here I have to pay attention to killing the monster, then corner the chest (if one even spawns), cast analyse, leaver room, reenter room...

User Info: Argonar_Alfaran

2 months ago#3
Wow another weapon per character maxed, which means about 300 enemies killed, no Orb.
For the Lolz I was counting the last 170 fiend heads (which would be the everage to kill to get an orb, if the drop rates are correct)

I got a total of 5 chests, which is about half of what I should get. The last one dropped around enemy 80 or so, so I just killed 90 fiend heads without a single chest dropping. And of course all 5 of those were vampire capes.

Nobody can tell me the random number generator isn't completly broken. And yes I have tried some of the old tricks that worked resetting it in the original game. Flying to the different regions, walking though screens without enemeis. Fighting a bunch of weak enemies until chests spawn again. But nothing really improved this pathetic chest drop rate. By now I really hate this game and just want it to be over already!

User Info: Argonar_Alfaran

2 months ago#4
Time for another rant update.
Another 170 heads, 28 chests, 0 Orbs.

The problem is that most of them popped in the first 50 or so battles and it seems the damage numbers were always the same. If I managed to hit the enemy in the same interval, the last hit would always be a crit and a chest would spawn, like every third battle.

Then the Sprite's bow leveled and I switched to axe. Got a lot less chests after that, but still some of them. Then the boy's final weapon the whip leveled and no more chests at all. It's like the RNG is producing the same numbers all the time until the seed changes by an outside influence. Which would also mean that the content of the chest never changes as long as I keep reentering the same room. It seemed to work better when more enemies were present, but right now I am fighting in a room with a single demon head.

The first axe orb I git right after one of the magic's leveled up, so that only further hints at this theory having some merit.
I think I'll start running through the whole mana fortress now, hopefully this will generate more random numbers.

User Info: ndog_montreal

2 months ago#5
Yeah, this was tedious... I remember also wondering if my game was gliutched... but it's just a combination of low drop numbers and bad luck. Some drops were quicker than others but I got them all in the end. Hang in there! Always farm in whatever room has the largest number of the enemy you're farming with (3 kills vs 2 in one are makes things significantly faster).

User Info: Argonar_Alfaran

2 months ago#6
So final part of my rant.
I startet running through the whole mana fortress but it took way to long, because the heads are spread out so mucht and you have to constantly whip/slash something.

So I went to the dead end/loop area that has 2 heads wit the breakable stone pillars in the middle and has some ninjas in it. Killing heads took way longer than in the sole room, because of needing to destroy the pillars and ninjas constantly attacking. But I hoped more attacks and the longer fights would shake up the RNG better.

AND I have to say the chest drop rate was way more spread out this time. I also did not get similar damage/crit rates just like before. 86 enemies, 6 chests and finally the orb dropped.

Now I can't prove my theory to be correct, we are talking rng after all. But I think farmin a single room, especially with only one monster in it is like the worst thing you could do and I do believe the RNG is somewhat glichted. Thinking back even to the pure lands, the worst drop rates were when I tried to farm a single room and best when running around a larger area. So should anybody read this, give it a try. Or maybe I was just super unlucky who knows.

Ranting here definitely helped blow some steam off. I do have to say it WAS one of the most unfun things I have ever done in a video game.
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