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User Info: nemesisMKII

7 months ago#1
Hello, I never played this game back in the 90's, so I'm not sure if this is how the game normally is, but does anybody else miss their physical attacks a freakishly high number of times. I've seen 10 attacks in a row miss when I'm right next to the enemy.

User Info: FooFightersFan

7 months ago#2
Yeah, some enemies have good evasion. Your hit rate will go up over time. The beginning of this game is kind of annoying, it gets much better once you've got all the characters and start getting magic abilities.

User Info: angolmoa

6 months ago#3
early on you have 79% evasion rate that is kinda high also.
Love video game much as life it self=)

User Info: nemesisMKII

6 months ago#4
I got the platinum and don't think I will ever touch this game again. The battle system is just too janky.
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