$40?!?!?!?!? wtf

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User Info: AzaneAzer

7 months ago#31
I was surprised it wouldn't be 60

User Info: Spike Rosered

Spike Rosered
7 months ago#32
I would pay 80 for a physical copy with Dawn of Mana graphics.

Digital with mobile graphics? Maybe if it goes for 20.
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User Info: Flare1721

7 months ago#33
Find a better job
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User Info: angolmoa

6 months ago#34
i would pay 500 dollars if needed

User Info: NM_hunter

6 months ago#35
€39.99 is an amazing price. That's the price on amazon right now for Secret of Mana, which is a full 3D remake and not some HD port.

I bought Okami HD for €19.90 new on amazon, but that game is cheap because it's a game that's pretty cheap to port from PS2. Secret of Mana isn't a port of any kind, it's re-made specifically for PS4 and it's value goes up along with the quality upgrade.

New AAA games cost €69.99, such as the upcoming Monster Hunter: World as well as pretty much most big games on PS4. €69.99 is equivalent to generally as low as $75-78 but currently $83~ as of this post. Yet Americans are the ones I see complaining about high prices.

Like other people have said, if it's too much save more money, get another (or a) job, wait for a sale, stop complaining, etc.

User Info: HopesPeak

6 months ago#36
$40 sounds about right for a 3d budget game. What is it with Jrpg fans anyway? That's just like how some scrubs whined about Ys 8 costing $60, and for some reason they were expecting it to be priced at $29.99 lol. Some of those fools even claimed that Ys 8 would price down in 3 months. It's been 3 months and it's still full $60 retail price because the game is worth it. Same case here, I think the $40 is justified what with being able to switch osts from the original & remixed, new voice overs and the like.

I could understand the whining if SOM looked like the Remastered version of Romancing Saga 2 which doesn't look remastered at all. They just recolored most of the bgs and added a few animated sprites for that game and still expect you to pay $24. I did anyway because I love the Saga series, but meh. Now that's what I call overpriced.

User Info: Aussie2B

6 months ago#37
I don't know why anybody would expect Ys VIII to be budget-priced. If anything, it's more ambitious than usual for Falcom. I don't even have a problem with Romancing SaGa 2's price, at least not with the launch discount that brought it down to $20, since they did the first ever official localization for the game, which is a lot of work itself.
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User Info: angolmoa

6 months ago#38
39.99 dollars is high rubbery specialy when the game is done from scratch

User Info: winstonblues

6 months ago#39
---- Think you mean, "39.99 is highway robbery especially when game is done from scratch " ---

They're not making you buy it

User Info: Aussie2B

6 months ago#40
That doesn't even make sense. You'd pay more if the game wasn't done from scratch? Or if you meant to say that the game wasn't, then you're wrong there. There aren't any assets being reused (unless you count the original soundtrack, but that's just an option to the arranged soundtrack).
"I am sexy minority. OH! NO! I wanna be a sexy terminator. Sexy will never die. AH~~~~~!"
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