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User Info: rogue_knight__

4 weeks ago#1
I'm playing offline. Didn't change anything. I've tried turning nudity off then back on again. Didn't work.
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User Info: Andrew06

4 weeks ago#2
don't worry about it, you can craft clothes within 5 minutes of starting the game. no need to worry about nudity being there or not
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User Info: GabrielleM

4 weeks ago#3
I got the nudity by making myself an admin and turning the nudity to patial in those settings, instead of the settings from the main menu. It said the server needs to be reset for the changes to occur, it worked eventually. But as already mentioned it's completely pointless, you'll clothe yourself soon enough. And if you're playing as a guy, nothing there to see lol.
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User Info: Lenneth435

4 weeks ago#4
Had this issue also. the way to fix it is by going online, choose a server with nudity, make a character and choose full or partial, backout and go back to singleplayer. It should be fixed and should stay fix as long as u don't go into options on the main menu screen. Theres some odd glitch that if you go into options on the main menu, then nudity will default back to none.

User Info: Sera67

4 weeks ago#5
There two spots for nudity setting, both need be changed. One of them is tied to server, the other is personal choose. You may be changing server setting, (even offline) but basic setting says no, or vice versa.
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