Well of Shadows is AWFUL

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User Info: LNCShall

8 months ago#1
Got to this section and it is really hard... super dark, tons of intense precision platforming with a lot of falls to my death, and then I got to the end and there are a ton of enemies behind impenetrable shields.

Turns out you need a special weapon for the tank robot and I didn't have it, so I wasn't able to complete it after an hour of effort!

Super poor design...You shouldn't let a player into a dungeon if he doesn't have the weapon needed to finish it!!!

User Info: silverangelzero

8 months ago#2
What weapon for the tank do you need? I didnt know it got any. Are you sure you don't need one of the gun upgrades?
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User Info: Keivz_basic

8 months ago#3
You just need to use the lob shot, which you have since that's the only way you can get to that section. You don't need the tank at all once you are in the dungeon.
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  3. Well of Shadows is AWFUL

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