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  3. List of Filler Episodes (Up To Season 15) by tvmasterdoodles

User Info: Time_Hero

6 years ago#1
Real filler: Episodes that can be skipped without any problems
Technical filler: Episodes that can optionally be skipped with few problems

--Series Summary--
Total Episodes: 658
Total Real Filler Episodes: 180
Total Technical Filler Episodes: 71 (Or 73)

Percentage of Total Episodes:
Real Filler: 27%
Combined: 38%


Season 1: Indigo Plateau

Real filler

EP008 The Path To The Pokemon League
EP009 The School Of Hard Knocks
EP020 The Ghost Of Maidens Peak
EP034 The Flame Pokemon-Athon
EP035 The Kangaskhan Kid
EP036 The Bridge Bike Gang
EP038 Electric Soldier Porygon (Banned)
EP040 The Battling Eevee Brothers
EP041 Wake Up Snorlax
EP042 Showdown At Dark City
EP047 A Chaney Operation
EP049 So Near Yet So Farfetch'd
EP053 The Purr-Fect Hero
EP054 The Case Of The K-9 Caper
EP060 Beach Blank-Out Blastoise
EP066 The Evolution Solution
EP067 The Pi-Kahuna
EP068 Make Room For Gloom
EP072 The Ancient Puzzle Of Pokemopolis
EP073 Bad To The Bone
* Holiday Hi-Jynx
* Snow Way Out

Technical filler

EP015 Battle Aboard The St. Anne
EP016 Pokemon Shipwreck
EP017 The Island Of Giant Pokemon
EP018 Beauty And The Beach (Banned)
EP037 Dittos Mysterious Mansion
EP039 Pikachu's Goodbye
EP062 Clefairy Tales

Total Episodes this Season: 82
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 22
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 7
Total: 29

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 27%
Combined: 35%

Season 2: Orange Archipelago

Real Filler

EP088 In The Pink
EP089 Shell Shock
EP090 Stage Fight
EP092 The Joy Of Pokemon
EP098 A Way Off Day Off
EP100 Wherefore Art Thou Pokemon
EP101 Got Along Little Pokemon
EP102 The Mystery Menace
EP104 Bound For Trouble
EP107 Pokemon Food Fight
EP109 The Wacky Watcher
EP114 The Underground Round Up

Technical Filler

EP091 Bye Bye Psyduck
EP095 A Shipful Of Shivers
EP096 Meowth Rules

Total Episodes this Season: 35
# Of Filler Episodes: 12
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 3

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 34%
Combined: 43%

User Info: Time_Hero

6 years ago#2
--Johto League Arc--

Season 3: The Johto Journeys

Real filler

EP120 Roll On Pokemon
EP122 Flower Power
EP123 Spinarak Attack
EP127 Once in A Blue Moon
EP128 The Whistle Stop
EP132 For Crying Out Loud
EP133 Tanks A Lot
EP135 Grin To Win
EP137 Foul Weather Friends
EP138 The Superhero Secret
EP139 Mild N Wooly
EP140 Wired For Battle
EP148 No Big Woop
EP150 Hour Of The Houndour
EP153 Love Totodile Style
EP155 Forest Grumps
EP156 The Psychic Sidekicks

Technical filler

EP124 Snubbull Snobbery
EP125 Little Big Horn
EP136 Chikorita's Big Upset

Total Episodes this Season: 41
# Of Filler Episodes: 17
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 3

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 41%
Combined: 49%

Season 4: Johto League Champions

Real filler

EP162 Type Casting
EP163 Fossil Fools
EP164 Carrying On
EP166 Two Hits And A Miss
EP167 A Hot Water Battle
EP170 A Better Pill To Swallow
EP172 Mountain Time
EP177 Wings N Things
EP178 The Grass Route
EP179 The Apple Corp
EP180 Houndooms Special Delivery
EP184 All That Glitters
EP186 Unbearable
EP190 The Stolen Stones
EP191 The Sunspace DecEPtion
EP192 The Wayward Wobbuffet
EP195 The Poke Spokesman
EP197 The Art Of Pokemon
EP201 Doing What Comes NATU-Rally
EP202 The Big Balloon Blow Up
EP203 The Screen Actors Guilt
EP204 Right On Rhydon
EP205 The Kecleon Caper
EP206 The Joy Of Water Pokemon
EP207 Got Miltank?

Technical filler

EP149 Tunnel Vision
EP157 The Fortune Hunters
EP168 Hook Line And Stinker
EP173 Wobbu-Palooza
EP174 Imitation Confrontation
EP175 The Trouble With Snubbull
EP176 Ariados Amigos
EP183 Troubles Brewing
EP187 Moving Pictures
EP188 Spring Fever
EP189 Freeze Frame
EP193 Sick Daze
EP198 The Heartbreak Of Brock

Total Episodes this Season: 52
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 26
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 13

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 50%
Combined: 75%

Season 5: Master Quest

Real filler

EP211 Fly Me To The Moon
EP212 Takin' It On The Chinchou
EP218 Plant It Now... Diglett Later
EP229 An Eggciting Adventure
EP232 Just Waiting On A Friend
EP233 A Tyrouge Full Of Trouble
EP234 Xatu The Future
EP239 Whichever Way The Wind Blows
EP240 Some Like It Hot
EP244 Enlighten Up
EP248 One Trick Phony
EP249 I Politoed Ya So
EP250 The Ice Cave (Banned)
EP256 Just Add Water
EP260 A Crowning Achievement
EP266 You're A Star Larvitar

Technical filler

EP223 Throwing in The Noctowl
EP227 For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll
EP231 Dues And Don'ts
EP241 Hocus Pokemon
EP242 As Clear As Crystal
EP243 Same Old Song And Dance
EP245 Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?
EP246 Wish Upon A Star Shape

Total Episodes this Season: 65
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 16
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 8

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 26%
Combined: 37%

Johto Summary
Total Episodes: 275
# Of Real Filler: 93
# Of Technical Filler: 34
Total: 127

Percentage of Arc:
Real Filler: 34%
Combined: 46%

User Info: Time_Hero

6 years ago#3
--Advanced Generation--

Season 6: Advanced

Real filler

AG009 Taming Of The Shroomish
AG010 You Said A Mouthfull
AG011 A Bite To Remember
AG021 Which Wurmple's Which?
AG026 Turning Over A Nuzleaf
AG029 Ready Willing And Sableye
AG030 Just One Of The Geysers
AG032 Abandon Ship
AG034 Having A Warlord Of A Time
AG037 Jump For Joy
AG038 A Different Kind Of Misty

Technical filler

AG018 On A Wingull And A Prayer
AG019 Sharpedo Attack
AG022 A Hole Lotta Trouble
AG039 A Pokeblock Party

Total Episodes this Season: 40
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 11
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 4

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 28%
Combined: 38%

Season 7: Advanced Challenge

Real filler

AG042 Love At First Flight
AG043 Let Bagons Be Bagons
AG046 Candid Camerupt
AG048 Zig Zag Zangoose
AG049 Maxxed Out
AG052 Cheer Pressure
AG057 Going For A Spinda
AG064 True Blue Swablu
AG065 Gulpin It Down
AG067 Go Go Ludicolo
AG072 The Bicker The Better
AG075 Whishcash And Ash
AG076 Me Myself And Time
AG079 Pearls Are A Spoink's Best Friend
AG081 Take This House And Shuppet
AG086 Lights Camerupt Action
AG087 Crazy As A Lunatone
AG088 The Garden Of Eatin'
AG089 A Scare To Remember
AG092 Judgement Day

Technical filler

AG041 What You Seed Is What You Get
AG053 Game Winning Assist
AG060 Delcatty Got Your Tongue
AG068 A Double Dilemma
AG071 A Six Pack Attack
AG074 Hokey Pokeballs
AG076 A Fan With A Plan

Total Episodes this Season: 52
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 20
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 7

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 39%
Combined: 52%

Season 8: Advanced Battle

Real filler

AG093 Clampearl Of Wisdom
AG094 The Relicanth Really Can
AG095 The Evolutionary War
AG104 Claydol Big And Tall
AG106 Beg Burrow And Steal
AG107 Absol-Lute Disaster
AG109 Do I Hear A Ralts
AG112 Showdown At Linoone
AG120 Ash And May! Heated Battles In Hoenn!
AG124 Island Time

Technical filler

AG096 Training Wrecks
AG101 Vanity Affair
AG102 Where's Armaldo?
AG113 Who What Where When Wynaut
AG114 Date Expectations
AG119 The Ribbon Cup Caper

Total Episodes this Season: 53
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 10
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 6

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 19%
Combined: 31%

Season 9: Battle Frontier

Real filler

AG137 Hooked On Onix
AG138 Rough Tough Jigglypuff
AG140 Sitting Psyduck
AG141 Hail To The Chef
AG142 Caterpie's Big Dilemma
AG145 Pasta La Vista
AG146 Fear Factor Phony
AG152 On Olden Pond
AG165 King And Queen For A Day
AG166 Curbing The Crimson Tide
AG168 Three Jynx And A Baby
AG183 Siphon And Circumstance
AG184 Strategy Tomorrow Comedy Tonight
AG185 Duels In The Jungle

Technical filler

AG139 On Cloud Arcanine
AG155 The Green Guardian
AG171+172 Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!
AG176 Off The Unbeaten Path

Total Episodes this Season: 47(Or 48)
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 14
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 4 (Or 5)

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 30%
Combined: 38% (Or 40%)

Advanced Generation Summary
Total Episodes This Arc: 192 (Or 193)
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 55
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 21 (Or 22)
Total: 76 (Or 77)

Percentage of Arc:
Real Filler: 29% (Or 28%)
Combined: 40%

User Info: Time_Hero

6 years ago#4
--Diamond and Pearl--

Season 10: Diamond and Pearl

Real filler

Dp021 Ya See We Apwant An Evolution
Dp023 Faced With Steelix Determination
Dp024 Cooking Up A Sweet Story
Dp028 Driftwood On The Wind
Dp039 Steamboat Willies
Dp042 The Electrike Company
Dp043 Malice In Wonderland
Dp048 Ash And Dawn! Facing A New Adventure!

Technical filler

Dp006 Like It Or Lup It
Dp010 Not On My Watch Ya Don't
Dp022 Borrowing On Bad Faith
Dp029 The Champ Twins
Dp044 Mass Hip-Po-Sis
Dp046 A-Maze-Ing Race

Episodes this Season: 52
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 8
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 6

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 15%
Combined: 27%

Season 11: Battle Dimension

Real filler

Dp056 The Keystone Pops
Dp057 Bibarel Gnaws Best
Dp058 Nosing Round The Mountain
Dp059 Luxray Vision
Dp070 The Bells Are Singing
Dp087 The Psyduck Stops Here
Dp094 Doc Brock

Technical filler

Dp062 Tanks For The Memories
Dp065 Sleight Of Sand
Dp071+72 Pokemon Ranger And The Kidnapped Riolu
Dp092 A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine
Dp098 If The Scarf Fits Wear It

Episodes this Season: 51 (Or 52)
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 7
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 5 (Or 6)

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 14%
Combined: 23% (Or 25%)

Season 12: Galactic Battles

Real filler

Dp105 Get Your Rotom Running
Dp109 Leading A Stray
Dp113 Hold The Phione
Dp115 Stealing The Conversation
Dp116 The Drfting Snorunt
Dp117 Noodles Roamin' Off
Dp120 Mysterious Creatures Pokemon
Dp134 Promoting Healthy Tangrowth
Dp135 Beating The Bustle And Hustle
Dp137 Three Sides To Every Story
Dp142 Where No Togepi Has Gone Before
Dp143 Try For The Family Stone
Dp149 Sticking With Who You Know

Technical filler

Dp125 Battling A Cute Drama
Dp153 The Treasure Is All Mine

Episodes this Season: 53
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 13
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 2

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 25%
Combined: 28%

Season 13: Sinnoh League Victors

Real filler

Dp158 Regaining The Home Advantage
Dp160 A Marathon Rivalry
Dp172 With The Easiest Of Grace
Dp178 For The Love Of Meowth

Technical filler

Dp164 Piplup Up And Away
Dp168 Keeping In Top Forme
Dp181 Bucking The Treasure Trend

Episodes this Season: 34
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 4
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 3

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 12%
Combined: 21%

Diamond and Pearl Summary
Episodes This Arc: 191
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 32
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 16 (Or 17)

Percentage of Arc:
Real Filler: 17%
Combined: 25% (Or 26%)

User Info: Time_Hero

6 years ago#5
--Best Wishes--

Season 14: Black And White

Real Filler
BW026 Scare At The Litwick Manor
BW029 Cottonee In Love
BW030 A UFO For Elgyem

Technical Filler

BW021 The Lost World Of Gothitelle
BW035 Where Did You Go Audino?
BW036 Archeops In The Modern World
BW037 A Fishing Connoissuer In A Fishy Competition
BW044 Purrloin: Sweet Or Sneaky?
BW046 The Beartic Mountain Feud

Episodes this Season: 48
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 3
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: 6

Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 6%
Combined: 19%

Season 15: Rival Destinies

Real Filler

BW053 A Maractus Musical
BW054 The Four Seasons Of Sawsbuck
BW066 Baffling The Boufallant

Technical Fillers


Episodes this Season: 49
# Of Real Filler Episodes: 3
# Of Technical Filler Episodes: None
Percentage of Season:
Real Filler: 6%
Combined: 6%

User Info: Time_Hero

6 years ago#6
Please request a sticky!

tvmasterdoodles worked pretty hard on this list. I fixed it up and made it easier for all of you to read.

Ben D Straw

User Info: pokedude900

6 years ago#7
It's not going to be stickied, unfortunately. This board isn't even active enough to warrant a sticky of any kind, let alone one that only a handful of people will find useful. On the bright side, this is easily searchable when we need it again once it archives.
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User Info: Time_Hero

6 years ago#8
This is true. However, it's worth a shot.
Ben D Straw

User Info: MyDogSkip

6 years ago#9
Thanks. I'm gonna go ahead and save this with my episodes for future reference.
Don't trust the smiling penguin!

User Info: Time_Hero

6 years ago#10
bump for anyone who wants to try to sticky this
Ben D Straw
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