*~The Delicious Lyrics Challenge 2K18~*

    3 months ago #6
    Corn Cob Pipe Bomb

    Welcome to the Animal Farm.
    On your left you see the sheep.
    If you look to your right, you will see the edge of the property.
    If you look really hard, you can see some wolves between the trees.

    Oh, wait.
    You don't have to look too hard anymore.
    They are much closer than ever before.

    Once again, on the left, the sheep have gathered together.
    The shepherd rounded them up.
    He is leading them to another area for grazing.
    Don't worry, the sheep are all safe, folks.

    What's that you say?
    Oh, that thing on the ground where the sheep were?
    Best leave that for the wolves, kid.

    Moving along, up ahead is the corn field.
    Corn is native to the Americas.
    Careful not to get lost in the maize, folks.
    And now, if you will just follow me this way...
    You spoony bard!