*~The Delicious Lyrics Challenge 2K18~*

    3 months ago #2
    Given that the rise of social media has all but destroyed the niche-interest message board, I expect I may have to do most of the heavy lifting in this topic. I will commit onanism and use some of my own titles.

    Three-Legged Spider

    Dear Family,

    If you were not all dead, I would write to wish you well.
    I'd spin silks of my ordeals were you not languishing in hell!

    I've carted wheels with starfish mothers,
    swum with pregnant seahorse dads,
    my children eat their fleshy brothers and I'll soon be all I have,

    I worked a brief stint as a seamstress,
    it cost an elbow and a knee,
    I learned to weave like spiders on a mucky jungle breeze,

    in a trap of living silver I will pocket your remains,
    mascara runs as tarantulas through the cobweb of my veins,

    like arachnid amputees,
    I've learned to navigate on threes,
    triptych limbs curl Dupuytren when life has taken leave.

    /^\ ___ /^\
    //^\(o o)/^\\