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User Info: ECMIM

1 year ago#1
I think this just got an update--anyone know what it did?

(Can't verify since afaik there isn't any way to check recent DLs so I only caught a glimpse of "download complete" with what looked like the Gunbarich icon.)

User Info: PedroMontana

1 year ago#2
Both this and Strikers 1945 got updates recently, without any announcement or description of what the updates actually do.

From what i noticed, the screen rotation options got expended, so now it's not only possible to turn the screen to the right, but also to turn it to the left or on it's head.

The only other change i noticed for Gunbarich is that when it start playing the game with the Joy Con grip now, it does not change the controls to the single Joy Con setting anymore.

(Strikers 1945 does now show up on the lists where you can look up how long you've played a game and what games the people on your friends list are playing, which it weirdly didn't do before.)
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User Info: ECMIM

1 year ago#3
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