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  3. Any way to turn off Woohoo/Try for a baby?

User Info: FlumpFlicker

2 months ago#1
My 8 yr old has loved playing this for nearly a year now; making families, throwing parties, having their kids taken away because of neglect etc. All of which has been harmless fun.

However she found out that sims can get married and put in a concerted effort to make this happen. Long story short: she noticed the option to Try for baby and obviously getting married went out the window.

Now i dont mind the whole pregnancy thing it's just the 'act' of getting there itself. I was wondering if you could switch off the whole under the covers/explosions part.

I don't want to stop her playing this but i also don't think it's really what i want her seeing.

An option to switch this off would be preferable but if not i don't think i have any other choice but to stop her playing.

Any help?/similar situations with yourselves?

User Info: LastTomorrow

2 months ago#2
No, I wouldn't let an 8 year old play this game. Should've bought the stardew valley or My Time at Portia
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User Info: FlumpFlicker

2 months ago#3
Thanks, will give them a look instead. A pity as she's had so much fun out of the Sims.

User Info: Aero369

2 months ago#4
Simply teach your kid to not choose these options
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User Info: Artef

1 month ago#5
The game is literally reated t for teen for a few reasons...
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User Info: ItsBri89

4 weeks ago#6
Or you could tell her why the game glorifies having children because of how society thinks in general, and that getting pregnant in real life isn't fun and games but a major responsibility that takes a lot of time, effort, and sacrifices.
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