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User Info: wanderz

2 months ago#11
kompletionist posted...
ZeroJinKui posted...
i just gotta ask... do any of the expansions/game packs/stuff packs require any of the others in order to work?

even if the bundles provide better deals... the way it just seems to be a few randomly picked things bundled together annoys me... i hate getting stuff out of order.

No, none of the Expansions really interact with each other unfortunately.
For instance, City Living adds the ability to be a singer (more like a busker but still), so you would expect to be able to make a career our of it with Get Famous and become a rock/pop star, but you can't.

actually you can build fame with skills from other expansion / game packs if you have both get famous and other expansions.. i haven't tried it with singing yet, but i know you gain fame with the "social media career" from city living. because i just did it last time i played. (granted i'm playing on PC, but i would certainly expect it to be the same on all systems for that)
even if not in that career, i'm fairly certain the 'update social media' action will increase fame. (if you have get famous)

but no expansion, game pack, or stuff pack REQUIRES any other... you only need the base game to get the benefits of whatever pack you buy.
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User Info: DarkWarl0rd

2 months ago#13
Sims 4 (10-14$)
Vampires 10~(can also bundle with exp pack if sale)
Get Together (19~)
City Living (19~)
Get Famous

Are the ones you'll want. Have not seen Famous or Seasons with a 50% cut yet.

User Info: ZeroJinKui

2 months ago#14
i find it slightly annoying when people say "these are the ones you'll want" and only list a few.

i want... EVERYTHING.

i'm working on getting everything... got the get to work/city living bundles so far, and i bought a few more stuff packs just now.

i'll eventually grab up everything for this game, cause i want the full experience.
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User Info: kompletionist

2 months ago#15
To get everything, even if you get it all at 50% off, it will still cost you several hundred dollars.
I've already spent over $250 on this game, and whenever I think about that I cringe at myself.
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