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User Info: FinnH

4 weeks ago#1
Makes me feel much better about this game and all the DLC atleast when PS5 comes out I can trade in my PS4 pro towards it and continue to play this game and probably be an better experience due to using an SSD
PSN: Finn_H93

User Info: SiegvonWal

4 weeks ago#2
Yeah, PS5 is apparently going to be much more powerful and that means Sims 4 on console will be a lot more functional. It's the only game I'm planning on "transferring over" since the rest (that I own and play regularly) can stay on the PS4.

I can only imagine how much smoother Sims 4 will be with barely-there loading times and a no lag between commanding Sims to do something and them moving to do it...

I don't know why you'd ditch a $350 console though; you're way better off holding onto it in case something happens to your future PS5 (after all, you know the "eggs in one basket"phrase right?). Not to mention longevity, like if you want to play a PS4 game 10 years from now (but if you're not the type who replays old games then I suppose this doesn't really matter).

At the very least I'd imagine a PS4 Pro appreciating significantly in value over time, especially when PS4s are no longer being manufactured and distributed.
(edited 4 weeks ago)
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