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User Info: SiegvonWal

4 months ago#11
TheCrimsonEmo posted...
Really? The pro can't even speed up the loading a bit?
What... what is the point of this device? Why is it so expensive when it can do so little??

Why, to rip off gullible peasants lol!

But don't take my word for it, as I'm a Console Peasant of the purest form and am the opposite of tech-savvy. If there are YouTubers or someone like that with recorded demonstrations of what the PS4 Pro can for the Sims 4, then I definitely recommend THEM over my own word which is based on the commentary I've gotten from Pro players on the Sims 4 and Dynasty Warriors 9 boards (DW9's case isn't loading times but rendering speed/processing and textures. Basically, there's little difference between Pro and Normal for DW9 as the problems are consistent for both platforms. I recall a Pro player complaining about the long loading times in the Sims 4, so I think they have all the same problems we do but maybe slightly improved).

I assume the Pro actually does work better with games especially designed for it (like AAA titles who have it mentioned on the cover or in trailers). The Sims 4 doesn't seem to be one of them.


I found this:

Skip to 1:17:40 and you'll notice a 30 second loading screen to get into a relatively small house inhabited by just one Sim. I have that with my current household of 2 and a Blue Pagoda-like house, so it seems to be only marginally improved if at all.

There's another video by a Pole but that guy doesn't have any packs and his lot is even simpler, so his 15-20 second loading screen is understandable.

Lucky also plays a role, as not all loading screens are equal lol as even heavily populated areas can be pretty quick for me but one household in the middle of the unpopulated Forgotten Hollow can take over half a minute to a full minute LOL (and it's worth noting that it's my Original Sim's big Asian-style mansion with a big family so I'm sure that all takes a toll on it. Plus, it's much quicker after the first load, but half a minute is still pretty long by PS4 standards).
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User Info: kompletionist

2 months ago#12
Creating cross breed pets is great fun, especially since you can paint them to make any colour/pattern of coat you want.
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