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User Info: whitewitch12

2 months ago#11
Well have bought each of the games packs as they have come out (dine out, cats and dogs etc) so I must have spent over £100 by now, and im sure I will keep buying the rest when they come out lol
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User Info: wanderz

2 months ago#12
$41-60 so far.. (tho i just realized i clicked 60-100 oh well.. it'll probably get there eventually)
granted i'm on PC.. so..
A) i've had longer to buy them..
2) i get them cheaper.

i have get to work, get together and city living.
i might get vampires, perfect patio stuff (want my hot tubs, sucks they put them in a stuff pack) and maybe spa day at some point.
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User Info: GRTooCool

1 month ago#13
The Sims 4 is the only thing I'm guilty of as far as "expansions" go. I'm always really vocal about being against DLC because let's face it, they do hold back content and Sims 4 is the perfect example of that.

With that being said though, I do enjoy The Sims 4 and play it frequently enough to have to turn a blind eye even if I feel dirty giving them free money.

I've bought everything on sale though if that helps. The base game for example, I didn't buy for years but finally did it last summer or so for $20.

I bought Parenthood Game Pack for $10, Seasons for $20, and for some reason City Living for $10.

So in total I spent $40 on the DLC and $20 on the base game. I'm trying to convince myself that I pretty much paid $60 for a full game there. My only regret is City Living as I don't feel like I cared about most of their stuff. Plus that world is really laggy on my PS4 so I don't really go there anymore.

That's all I'm ever going to spend on Sims 4.
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User Info: Gold Slime

Gold Slime
1 month ago#14
I'm not sure. I only have 6 grey spots on the list when I start the game so I have a good amount of what's available, but most of it was bought half price, in bundles, or in half price bundles.
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User Info: FinnH

1 month ago#15
Dunno how much I have spent since got most of em on sale but I have

Get famous
Get together
cats and dogs
city living

dine out
outdoor retreat

Those are all the ones I am interested in other than Spa Day so will pick that up when it finally launches and be done
perfect patio stuff
cool kitchen stuff
kids room stuff
fitness stuff
laundry day stuff
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User Info: Dancedreamer

1 month ago#16
I have:
Cat's and Dogs
City LIving
Get Together
Get To Work
Dine Out

Want to get Get Famous, but waiting for a sale. Just don't think it's worth $40.00. Really hope we see Get Educated in the future, but that's potential, not current.
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User Info: Elmdor043

1 month ago#17
Too much, tbh. It's a shame there isn't some kind of account system so people could go between pc and console without spending a s***load of money x2 for the packs. I guess there are mods you could use instead, but some of the packs are worth having so it kind of sucks.

User Info: DarkDoc

3 days ago#18
SiegvonWal posted...
Well, if "only include stuff you already bought" is a rule then the title should be rewritten as "How much have you SPENT on Sims 4 DLC?", not "How much are you SPENDING", since that implies a planned budget.

Well, yeah, I guess. "Spent", as in already, as opposed to "I will buy everything that comes out, whatever it costs, there's no limit". Essentially, there is a lot if DLC, but it's not particularly ongoing.
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