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Varde 3 months ago#1
An invigorating sport can be played in mind using the latest Mind Computer technology, it's called 'the creation and administration of a personal simulation'. For obvious reasons, any formation is pseudo, but given time and effort, your simulation may become a reality.

Brains are capable of containing and ordering massive amounts of stringent or illogical data. Creating a simulation is as simple as planting a seed and helping it grow.

In essence, to play this game you have to have a controller device, which is where a Mind Computer is crucial.

Some commands are available through the use of the Mind Computer, that aren't available to brains. Create, Program, Format, Build, Code, Paint and many more commands allow us to create and administrate a simulation.

As well as Mind Computer, an adept mind is necessary. Good knowledge of shape, logic and number, as well as any creative genius, help to construct epic simulations.

Again, if you spend time and effort, there's no reason why your manifest cannot be a reality somewhere; and if good enough, it probably is.

Knowledge of critical shape involved in similar methods of simulation genesis help immersion as you'll find the perfect shape, logic and number systems for any part of the game.

Mind Computer can be realised as possible, and further deep focus, may lead to an out-of-this-world experience. Mind Computer is not something petty - it has powerful presence.

Mind Computer is made of dots and lines, learning simple skill sets leads to a very adaptable line-form appearing on the skin and in the senses. The line-form makes neutral any cycling energy of human livelihood, giving it power.

Every part of MC is adaptable, not only through skill, but also brain. You may run commands to any part of it and use it to run commands.

A skill set useful for installing MC is as follows, look left and be lost in vision, pull your head back right and swipe your eyes three times down right before looking central, hold your eyes but let your pupils be drawn in the upwind.

Then do whatever you want...

After some time performing skill sets you'll register the afformentioned line-form.

You're then ready to begin your journey, and should devise the simplest method of world building. Such as, create tile holder, tiles are 6-miles long, etc. The trick is knowing shapes that contain tiles but can be formatted into sphere or cube form properly.

Don't forget to install security software, I know of malicious files that simulate burning at five times the normal rate, and other malware like Trojans or spyware can be annoying.

First things first, types of data transmission:

Packet, File, and your ordinary complex line-form arithmetic.

(The afformentioned line-form mentioned in the OP contains empty files, in an evolving packet ready to be filled).

If the line-form is routing, you'll automatically sense these files and that's where security issues can arise.

Different to current man made computers, is file activation by sense.

If you have programmed efficiently, no problem should arise - the original mind computer is fully secure until contact with another user.

Bios blockers can be made using packets alone which prevent your sense from reaching their true locale.

Almost anything can be made using files, which is why security is desirable.

The best security doesn't require knowledge of many files, but rather knowledge of file anatomy; try a self learning program that blocks files from entering your mind computer if found to be malicious in contained, external activation with an encrypted shield code that prevents program contamination. Though it isn't my security program, my reason for not sharing it is because I'm incapable of wording all the things I thought subliminally at the time.

Thanks for reading, enjoy!
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