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User Info: Sega9599

1 year ago#1
Random thoughts so far.

The graphics are honestly the best yet. And arguably fighting zombies is better here also than any of the previous episodes.

It honestly looks like they lightened Clementines skin up here from season 3, and....even from season 2 a little. Don't know how to feel about that. I dislike it, but they made her look a lot nicer. I don't know why the same couldn't be achieved with her slightly darker skin. Cynical me thinks that the Michonne episodes might have something to do with it, but maybe not.

AJ is cool.

The house....well it's a decent story. I was honestly shocked at the ending. They got me there, I wasn't expecting that.

I hope this doesn't evolve into "vs raiders" like 2+3 game seems to (there's only a touch of it in season 1 surprisingly, which has the least 'raiders' involvement of them all!)

Overall a really good start. The whole collectible thing....seems like a typical Telltale red herring where we leave the house forever by the next episode and never see our room again lol. But it does feel more like a standard game here, which is what I like. Still choices and story driven, with a touch more gameplay feel to it.

Does Willie suffer from a mild touch of autism?
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User Info: Sega9599

1 year ago#2
Finished it all.

The first episode was the best.

I was hoping we could go ONE season without 'Raiders'. Could have been more interesting if Lily acted on her own, and the raiders were just offscreen....but thinking about it now I guess the whole Minnie subplot would work differently.

They tried to recreate a Ben moment with Tenn. Nah dude, Tenn is innocent.

Episode 2 and 3 seemed fairly standard.

Episode 4 was....ok I guess. James the psycho went on just a little too long.

Violet ended up blinded, and I guess Clementine ended up with Louis. What a tease where they pretended she was dead at the end. My wife kept telling me "she's not dead" but I respected Telltale (or skybound).

Guess on a different playthrough, she can end up dead though. Will try to replay for that one. Need to get all collectibles anyway.

I love the moments in the house where you are left alone to soak in the quiet atmosphere around you.

However there was one scene I'm realising I played the game for.
Just like the G Man in Half Life, Lee is so central to TWD game. That one scene actually made me cheer that we got to see him again.

There was only one annoying part in gameplay and that was where I had to lead the zombies around without killing any to allow James to go past. Ugh. They didn't explain it very well, so i kept trying to 'find a way through'.

Overall though, I like this season.

For me, it goes:

1 > 4 = 2 > Michonne > 400 days > 3.

Needed: New Pokemon Puzzle League, Shining Force and Left 4 Dead....

User Info: TheGrowlanser

6 months ago#3
Sega9599 posted...
The graphics are honestly the best yet.

Very true. The movements are so realistic.
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User Info: ResidentialEvil

5 months ago#4
The Rabbit Season achievement/trophy is bulls***. I kept missing the second rabbit and though I did make a save, having to go through all the dialogue over and over to get another shot got really freakin' old quickly.
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User Info: kingdrake2

5 months ago#5
had to watch a guide how to hit the rabbit. takes several tries to get it right.
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