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User Info: NoRatCat

2 years ago#1
Out of the three shirt choices, Disco Broccoli, Ericson, or Science Dog, which one did you give to AJ?

Me personally? I chose Disco Broccoli. Don't know why, but it just felt fitting to me. I guess a reason could be because the Ericson shirt seemed more fitting for Marlon, Science Dog for Tenn, while Disco Broccoli seemed more AJ's thing.

User Info: Lazy_Haar

2 years ago#2
I went with Science Dog, mostly because Tenn was probably AJ's first friend, and I thought he'd like something that matched him.
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User Info: Rexzor

2 years ago#3
Disco Broccoli, of course!

User Info: shadowgendo

2 years ago#4
disco broccoli is the obvious choice here

User Info: Outer_space

2 years ago#5
Rexzor posted...
Disco Broccoli, of course!

User Info: Sandor

1 year ago#6
Disco Broccoli, because AJ seemed to light up when the shirt was mentioned
Disco Broccoli because Clem watched that show

User Info: Bass_X0

3 months ago#8
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