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Telltale finally puts out a game where choices start to matter and then theyOuter_space11/4 8:36PM
Why would Catwoman care about The Riddler? (spoilers) Story/PlotWarGreymon77111/27 11:21PM
Telltale Games initiates 'majority studio closure'The_OD310/5 3:52PM
is there a list of what choices are canon between the two games? Story/Plotmetal0115/21 10:09PM
Batman is actually intolerable (Episode 5 spoilers)Leatherface24/22 5:15PM
Telltale Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 Same Stitch (villian)SuperCoolFun24/21 4:31PM
Do the choices of episodes 1 to 4 affect the ending?badboy34/1/2018
Two episodes 5 in one...mahmoruh94/1/2018
Alfred isn't making sense *Ending Spoiler*SigmaSlash33/30/2018
Who do you think batman was looking at, at the end of episode 5?*spoilers*rpglover124363/30/2018
Episode 5 release date announced: March 27thTheVector63/28/2018
Can't import save... anything im missing?jeremycards13/27/2018
Anyone know when it will be availablejeffdmaples33/27/2018
Episode 5 completed... Yet none of my choices have been registered!Viewtiful-Chris83/27/2018
Wouldn't it be the best twist if John Doe... *spoilers*.
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
There was some really nonsensical decision making by Waller in Ep 4.* Spoilers*ForteEXE385042/3/2018
I don't like what they did to john(episode 4 spoilers)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Question about John Doe *Spoilers*Bootflap51/26/2018
EP.4 Jan 23 2018The_OD101/25/2018
Question regarding new game (spoilers for season 1)Magnetronous31/24/2018
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