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  3. If the fifth franchise was Madoka Magica I'd be really hype

User Info: Valkenhyne

3 months ago#1
but I know that won't be the case

User Info: Blayshy

3 months ago#2
Similar to RWBY, they would only have 5 workable characters.
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User Info: Sasukefire

3 months ago#3
Blayshy posted...
they would only have 5 workable characters.

I mean, if you go with The mobile game, various manga like Kazumi and Oriko, they have way more potential than that. But since the Pullea Magi Holy Quintent are the most recognizable, they'd be the only ones used.

Hakumen and Sayaka Seigi no Mikata team. Do it. Sayaka's Astral Heat is of course Oktavia von Seckendorff.

Ultimate Madoka is used in Madoka's Astral Heat.

Kyoko either beats up the opponent using Rosso Phantansma or uses Her sucide move.

Mami uses that huge Tiro Finale from Rebellion.

Homura uses her armory from episode 11 of the anime or annihilates the opponent as Demon Homura.

Madoka would have some funny movies like the Afro and inflating her clothes. She also gets a team intro with Platinum because Aoi Yuuki as a magical girl.
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User Info: pikapika212

3 months ago#4
Nah 5th franchise will be umineko no naku koro ni
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User Info: Black-Isz

3 months ago#5
5th franchise is obviously going to be Genocyber.

User Info: Sasukefire

3 months ago#6
Platinum: Ragna the Lolicon Edge!

Ragna: I'm not a Lolicon!

Puella Magi besides Homura: *Back away slowly*

Homura: *pulls a gun on Ragna* Stay stay say from Madoka.

Ragna: Why does s*** always happen to me?

Noel: *cries that 15 year old Mami has better breasts than her*
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User Info: Vulcan422

2 months ago#7
Senran Kagura
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  3. If the fifth franchise was Madoka Magica I'd be really hype
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