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aces4839 posted...
Don't count on that. And never not play a game just because it's censored. Pervert.

Oh boy here we go again:

I know what you're thinking. Why should I allow sexually suggestive games on Console when they are better off on PC? or even more why even care at all?

Let me say this. Not everyone is going to be playing or making games on PC, due to more casual and core gamers having their time and money being spent on more important aspects in Life such as paying the mortgage on their home or paying Internet Providers such as Comcast or AT&T to continue their usage of the internet.

And Japanese Developers tend to prefer developing on consoles due to having optimization issues on custom PC Hardware. But eventually, I think PC Gaming will get bigger in Japan as time flies by, but its niche games will remain on consoles for years to come.

Now why should you care about Censorship even though it has only affected games that you probably have never played? that's because it could be the first step to censoring games that you might love. Look what happened to Devil May Cry 5, a Triple AAA game that received positive reviews by both Critics and Players. And for brief time, the game's nudity was briefly censored on PS4 for until it was exposed and called out by journalists and gamers alike. The outrage got so bad that it would be removed on the US release in April. If we can protect the Artist's vision on DMC 5. We can certainly protect it on other games as well. Let's imagine Cyberpunk 2077, the inevitable Grand Theft Auto VI, and more big games get censored themselves. I don't think most Gamers would view these policies in a positive way (In my opinion).

Now I understand that these niche games can be creepy, offensive, and down right perverted. But if we are going to keep these policies from spilling over into Mainstream Games. We must call them out now before its too late.