Gabi Garcia destroyed a 50 year old Grandma in RIZIN.

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  3. Gabi Garcia destroyed a 50 year old Grandma in RIZIN.

User Info: LeperMessiahXX

1 year ago#21
Japan seems like a magical place.

User Info: KingHova045

1 year ago#22
STEROLIZER posted...
So grateful for YouTube embedding!

sad the YouTube topic got archived. Was planning on posting more freakshow fights in there
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User Info: JackBurton85

1 year ago#23
Is she really 50?

And is this one of those deals where some japanese professional wrestler tries MMA for some nonsensical dumbass reason? The attire and rope running made me think that's what was goin on here. Can't fathom why else she would run the ropes, can't really fathom it at all anyways actually

User Info: copenhagenLongC

1 year ago#24
I first started laughing when they announced her, and grandma was trying to look badass(with her tag team pro wrestling partner/"coach"), then she raised her hands and literally screamed LOL. I was howling with laughter by the time she was bouncing off the ropes.

User Info: Norlout

1 year ago#25
That old lady used to be a pro wrestler and did some MMA fights way back. Now she is a politician.
Bet she did it for marketing herself. Even if losing was 100%.

Gabi lost this fight in many ways.
She either destroyed an old women or an old women got the better of her.
Still tho i think these fights are fun as hell :P
Variation in mma is fun.
Rizing Grand Prix are cool stuff.
Hope we get to see Wanderlei vs Sonnen :)

User Info: CanuckCowboy

1 year ago#26
Solid Snake07 posted...
DK DeathKnight posted...
True but you have to wonder why these disadvantaged Japanese women are lining up to fight Garcia when they know they are going to get smashed, maybe they just want the money, I dont know.

I guess, but that's exploitation man

You're not necessarily wrong, but honestly people are too quick to start talking about exploitation these days.

The chick knew what she was getting into and she got paid. No one complains that Bob Sapp was exploited, do they?
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User Info: Seanirl

1 year ago#27
Solid Snake07 posted...
I guess, but that's exploitation man

Meh, true but then so is coal mining etc. if you like. And they're obviously doing it partly for the thrill.

copenhagenLongC posted...
Does chin reduction surgery exist?

Pretty sure it does, if Chyna's early days in WWF versus later on are compared.

LeperMessiahXX posted...
Japan seems like a magical place.

It does sometimes really. Like the Wild West, where even open weight MMA matches with soccer kicks can still happen! :O
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User Info: TrueKu

1 year ago#28
That is a man with breast implants.
Chief Scientician

User Info: DeepWebDiver

1 year ago#29
Gabi = would bang. Im 5,11 180lbs medium bulked , i can reach 200+ on a serious cycle of training

The fight was hilarious / sad. Granma our 'auntie- like the Japanese say was hilarious and an obvious famous pro wrestler from the 80s , was even in the Fire Pro wrestling games on PSX SNES PS2
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