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User Info: jakedyer68

4 months ago#1
Just started playing Campus DLC and noticed somethings and curious if these features came with it:
* you can now look at every tile on the map and see what it costs and see its resources.
* high density was only unlocked at 5k population...other buildings are significantly lower as well.

So are these new or had i just not noticed them?

User Info: ModneyRullen

4 months ago#2
Unlocks are different per map for the non original maps. There is one that’s just islands (the tsunami one) that you have everything unlocked by about 20k population where as normal maps it’s around 90k.

I will check out the other thing you said. Gave up on this game a bit as industries really slows my game down over about 60k population and it was annoying me too much.
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User Info: jakedyer68

4 months ago#3
This new update has been hit or miss with the lag during building. All-in-all... I am really enjoying it! Thanks for the info on maps. Kind of a derp moment for me
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