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User Info: Yosher

1 year ago#21
macknifficent89 posted...
Yosher posted...
macknifficent89 posted...
Yosher posted...
Could anyone tell me the trick to the final Kamek fight? Like, I get through the first three phases without a hit, usually. Then I get to the Go-Go Yoshi part. I take out THAT thing's first two phases without a hit as well. But then, when Kamek summons the second botch of projectiles during this third phase, I feel like you do not get enough time to hit them all back, nor do you get enough time between hits to charge up your hit, and it's really, incredibly frustrating to the point I wanna toss my controller through the screen because this happens EVERY TIME I GET TO THIS PHASE and you absolutely HAVE to hit EVERY SINGLE ONE BACK for the game to register the hit and it's driving me nuts. Am I missing something???

Edit: Of course after I post that I actually beat him. Not without taking a hit, but I got it still. The trick is making little charges during that moment apparently.

never charge up. just mash the punch button as fast as you can, and don't aim on that last part, just punch straight forward. that last batch of planes is the easiest part of the fight.

It's actually not the easiest part, if you ask me, not by a long shot. Mashing the punch button does not work. I mash it as fast as I can but there is a bit of a delay to when you can punch after you already punched. You can't just mash and punch with each mash. In my opinion, this little portion is the hardest thing in the entire game.

Edit: And then when you remember you can actually slow down your machine, it indeed becomes a whole lot easier. Since you only use that thing in one level before this one in the entire game, I completely forgot you could do that.

are you talking about the very last part, with the "angry" planes that all come to the middle? it never even occurred to me to slow down and I didn't have trouble with that part. it's the first part of that "round" with the mix of jumping cars and planes that got me a few times.

Yeah, that very last part where they all come to the middle. I swear, when I don't slow down and I just mash the button as fast as I can (which, mind you, really isn't slow), I kept getting hit by at least one of the missiles. It really felt like I was just.. missing something.
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User Info: rodk79

1 year ago#22
The trick to the final bit is not mashing the button, but tapping it in a steady rhythm so that the robot punches continuously. When I was mashing, there’s be a point when I presume I hit it and the glove hadn’t returned, so no punch came and I got hit.
Of course, the difficulty is staying calm enough to keep the steady rhythm and not feel pressured into speeding up. Like I did far too many times.
Anyway, that’s this 100%ed. Whilst I’ve enjoyed it, I do agree with some of the complaints about having to do levels multiple times - sometimes it’d take 3-4 goes to get the main stuff, then the pups, then the crafts, then Sprout... My other issue was that some of the levels had great concepts that were used once and then done, and I would have liked to have seen them again.

User Info: KazooieKong

1 year ago#23
i rather try and break the habit

a lot of the times, it just feels unhealthy

User Info: Saihig

1 year ago#24
Well, I can sign this now.

Unfortunately, I was unable to fulfill my goal of 100%ing without consulting the internet though. I had to look up two things.


And getting the flower for beating Baby Bowser boss in 4:30 or less. I swear I don't think I ever would have figured that out on my own.
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User Info: Tortus2

1 year ago#25
I just cleared this game 100% today.

That Kamek challenge was tough at the end part, since I kept mashing the button at the final section of Go-Go-Yoshi and I kept getting hit. After I slowed down my mashing a bit, I got it.

Baby Bowser took a little while for me to beat in under 4:30, but I eventually figured out the trick to speed up the second phase.

After clearing the game normally, I really didn't like the concept of going through all those levels again to find Sprout, but I found listening to other music on my laptop at the same time made it more manageable.

A good, but mostly easy, game overall, but the music kind of kills it for me, and the way the collectables were handled with the scavenger hunts.

My bad eyesight and colour-blindness probably did make this game a bit harder than it probably is, though.

Not as bad as Donkey Kong 64's collecting for me, though. That game took way too long for me. Probably due to lots of trial and error, though. It went like, "Oh, seems this banana isn't for Donkey Kong, I'll try another Kong."
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User Info: iomega311

1 year ago#26
Nearing the end of my 100% run. Going through every level again hasn’t the been the chore I was expecting it to be. For one, it’s nice going through old levels I played 30+ hours earlier in the experience, and overall just feels like a cool victory lap before I tackle the bonus levels. The boss challenges have been a nice little task as well.
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