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  3. Does anyone else breed their entire Dex?

User Info: MlREFOX

1 month ago#1
Ever since breeding became a feature, I have spend hours and hours breeding nearly every pokemon in my Dex. Obviously, unbreedable, legendary, starters, unique trades, etc.are exceptions. I also try my hardest to catch everything in traditional standard pokeballs. Does anyone else play like this?

User Info: Ganonruss

1 month ago#2
Well I do plan to breed for hours and hours but its to try to get a shiny pokemon. 30 eggs in so far.

User Info: OverlordsWrath

1 month ago#3
i have a ton of stuff i want to breed, especially since iv and ev are easier to get this gen, whether or not i acctually get round to all of them remains to be seen, but certainly not the entire pokedex
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User Info: DrakanShadow

1 month ago#4
I did it once, but probably not doing it again lol.
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User Info: dmaster342

1 month ago#5
If a Pokémon and unevolved Pokémon can be caught in the wild, that's how I usually get it. Sometimes in the past, I've bred for earlier forms just because it was more convenient but I figure catching them is also good. I also try to catch most things in a Poke Ball as well.
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User Info: chameleonsoup

1 month ago#6
Yep. I’m just stuck for some trade evos and some sword exclusives now.
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User Info: Bizonchik

1 month ago#7
A modified version of your process. I breed things, but I try to have them in a variety of balls. I keep a spreadsheet where I track what species I have in which balls to kinda try to balance things.
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User Info: Killusional

1 month ago#8
I'm currently trying to breed all 6 IV in pokeballs.

User Info: MewistloveMew

1 month ago#9
Legendary Pokemon species as well too.
I'm talking about non-normal gameplay means.
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