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User Info: Elleena

6 days ago#1
I'm looking to add a water, water/? pokemon to my roster and the 3 possibilites are Dreadgnaw, Seismatoad and Gyarados.

Dreadgnaw seems the weakest of the 3 generally but it has the potential (after much searching) to be able to gigantamax which the other 2 don't. However that's rather specific in its application.

Seismatoad is a special attacker unlike the other two and seems to have the greatest range in techniques it can learn adding things like strong fighting or poison attacks in addition to the water/ground options that come with its type. Statwise it falls in the middle.

Gyarados is the strongest statwise but has a very limited movepool so far as I can tell and the water/flying makes it extremely easy to counter.

Right now I'm leaning towards Seismatoad but I'd be interested in any comments/alternative suggestions.

The rest of my team at the moment (this isn't for competitive battling as that would require more time to breed/create the best options) is . . .

Bolton likely to be swapped for a decent Toxtricity.
Vulpix holding a spot as my favorite pokemon till I find a Dreepy and can evolve it.
? Water slot currently held by a Gastrodon that isn't working out.
Rapidash may be swapped for another fairy/psychic but I need to look more into them.

So I have . . .

Electric likely to become Electric/Poison
Water/Flying or Water/Ground
Ghost/Dragon (when the weather's right for catching)

User Info: Elleena

6 days ago#2
No one's got any suggestion?

User Info: Hayato213

6 days ago#3
I used Drednaw
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User Info: Blingya25

6 days ago#4
Gyarados is essentially a no brainer. It's strong, verstaile, strong, devastating, strong and strong

Seismitoad/Gastrodon are essentially good Pokes, because they are both tanky/bulky while still able to do a lot offensively and defensively. Seismitoad can be more offensive with its moveset, while Gastrodon most likely more suited for defensive.

Haven't trained a Dreadmaw at all, but it's Water/Rock that isn't a fossil so that's something that isn't a Corsola/Kabutops/Omystar.
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User Info: Son_of_Snoop

6 days ago#5
I only used new pokemon so I ran Drednaw and he beasted and feasted in the single player. Strong Jaw with Jaw Lock and Liquidation will seriously f*** s*** up.

I intentionally ignored Gyarados because it's in every pokemon game ever.
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User Info: Elleena

6 days ago#6
My problem with Gyarados is while he has good stats if you want to add any move variety your playing to his weaknesses not his strengths. His base attack is far higher than his special attack but ice beam, thunderbolt and flamethtower are all special attacks while things like hyperbeam have a higher miss chance and/or a turn of no attack.

Seismatoad seems like theres more options to qork with in giving it moves for other types like brickbreak.

I'll look into your syggestions for Dreadgnaw and see if they work with my play style.

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