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  3. Pokemon too ugly to look at...How long is this list?

User Info: KingofRogues

1 week ago#1
Okay...so Im putting Meowth on my list...He is hideous.
There is a Tapeworm pokemon...its fire and i forgot its name.
and there is a blue teddy bear pokemon that has a huge blob dangling from its nose

...I will add to the list but these 3 ugh...bone shaking ugly.

User Info: Jevrath

6 days ago#2
Galarian Meowth is designed to look like a Viking, with his ears forming what looks like horns on a viking helmet and the beard-like fur.

Centiskorch is actually a centipede, not a tapeworm.

The bear you're talking about us cubchoo. He's an ice type polar bear. The basic form is meant to look like he has a runny nose from being sick.

User Info: Avenger895

6 days ago#3
All of the fossils this gen
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User Info: BigTee66

6 days ago#4
I actually like the idea of centiskorch, its pretty much a stove burner.

Stonejouner looks out of place as a pokemon, cool name though
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User Info: Enaikei

6 days ago#5
I can't stand that teddy bear looking one. Its legs looks so unnatural and the way the head tilts up in contrast to its back just looks, ugh.

User Info: MuttonButt

6 days ago#6
Have you really never seen a Cunchoo before? XD

User Info: KingofRogues

5 days ago#7
Ok i will admit the evolved form of Centiskorch was pretty cool in the fire gym...basically a fire gyrados

User Info: Langobalt

5 days ago#8
Most mega evolutions

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Almost all green shinies.
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User Info: EtoRanger

4 days ago#10
TwilightPhoenix posted...
Almost all green shinies.
I think Lurantis has a nice green shiny. (Still prefer the normal colors tho.)
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