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User Info: cheatermaster

2 months ago#1
Is it me or are people not liking every Pokémon generation? Because I swear each generation people are getting more complaining. Like when X and Y came, think people didn't like it, like heard they change the Exp Share where the ones who don't battle get 50% half the experience points of each battle making them level faster. Think some didn't like Ruby and Sapphire much (not 100% sure). Speaking of X and Y, they refuse to make a third version of it as well and abandoned it for a remake of Ruby and Sapphire. Now there is Sword and Shield and one complaint is we can't transfer every pokemon to the eighth generation.

I feel that people don't like Game Freak more and more because they keep making weird changes. It's like to people, each generations are getting worse or something.

User Info: Ekwin

2 months ago#2
I don't get the hate on gen 6. XY got me back into the games. ORAS I liked even better.
The endless cut scenes in gen 7 really killed replayability for me (also: O-powers > roto-lotto 'cause I basically only need 90% roto-hatch and 10% roto-catch).
I'll buy the gen 8 games and they may well be great games, but as someone with a competitive livedex it does blow I don't get to transfer it over.
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User Info: Colonel_Snitsky

2 months ago#3
I like them all, soms less than others but all in all liked every game.
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User Info: Str8edge

2 months ago#4
Because we didn't want more clonemon

User Info: userfrigginame

2 months ago#5
To me, it feels like it’s bandwagon fans. Like those who didn’t even play the original games. I’m fine with gameplay being as simple as red and blue were. And i’ll take changes as they come. That said, when a Pokemon game doesn’t interest me, i don’t buy it. I don’t whine and complain about every detail. And i think we’re getting more and more whining with each generation, because the internet has progressively given us more of a platform to make our voices heard, for better or for worse. That said, Pokemon hasn’t interested me in awhile, and it won’t until i can play all Pokemon games on one console. That solves any problem I could ever have with Pokemon.

User Info: xF0x

2 months ago#6
cheatermaster posted...
Speaking of X and Y, they refuse to make a third version of it as well and abandoned it for a remake of Ruby and Sapphire.

Technically they abandoned it for Sun/Moon. They were still going to do a third version to XY after ORAS but someone suddenly went "Oh snap, 2016 will be Pokémon's 20th anniversary, we gotta do a brand new game here.". So Pokémon Z fell victim to that. Even the anime wasn't adjusted for the change of plans, it still aired with the XY&Z subtitle and loosely revolved around a plotline that was supposed to be in Pokémon Z.
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User Info: bd43

2 months ago#7
userfrigginame posted...
To me, it feels like it’s bandwagon fans

I'd argue the opposite. It feels like a lot of core fans latch on to specific step backs the series makes. They have an idea of what they think the game should be and aren't happy when it isn't, valid or not.
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User Info: paipr

2 months ago#8
Many like them all.
Many have their favorites.
Many have high and low points.

Sadly they aren't the most vocal. The most vocal are the ones that get stuck in the cycle of hating the newer stuff till there is enough new stuff to make other stuff old. Then they act like the old was the best thing ever.
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User Info: rosacea

2 months ago#9
people like to complain. Theres a certain feeling of being owed around here. They treat these games companies like they are friends or something. All the while not realising the companies are here to make money and not placate a few salty people online.
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User Info: MrFuzz111

2 months ago#10
I liked what was there in XY, the issue just was it felt like there wasn’t much. A third game could have fixed that, but suddenly they decided having both a remake and a third version was too much unlike gens 3 and 4.
Not content with cutting popular features from future games, Game Freak has now taken it upon themselves to cut Pokemon from gen 8.
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