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  3. *SPOILERS* Two possible new Eeveelutions leaked!!

User Info: AlphaDrogon

1 week ago#1

This just leaked on Twitter
Apparently the 'follow' up to March's Corocoro is potentially an announcement of 2 brand new Eeveelutions in the April 15 issue!!
> 2 gym masters have Eeveelution!
> No info on starter evolutions
> Gym Badges have different role?
> Did not see armor 'evolution'
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User Info: Plain_

1 week ago#2
These look really good, I want them to be real.
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User Info: Kajagogo

1 week ago#3
Would be nice to have a second pure flying type.
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User Info: Anazel

1 week ago#4
The second one looks too much like Sylveon though.

User Info: tottenhamfan

1 week ago#5
The first looks really good.
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

1 week ago#6
Plain_ posted...
These look really good
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User Info: HoennMaster

1 week ago#7
Not believing any fakes at this point, but I do love the look of that second one.
Clicked on the topic to see if it was Alpha who posted it was not disappointed.

Also the second one looks to much like sylveon for me to believe this is real.

User Info: OrcGoblin

1 week ago#9
The second one looks like a mix between Sylveon and Shaymin (Sky Form)
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User Info: TheSeviper

1 week ago#10
Not big on the flying-type one, but the steel type looks pretty good
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