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User Info: Fenghuang

4 months ago#21
I honestly am just keeping my hopes low in order to avoid disappointment. At best I want it to look more like USUM did rather than the huge downgrade in visuals and gameplay LGPE represents. Anything else is just a pleasant surprise.

User Info: quintonshark163

3 months ago#22
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User Info: Ohmygosh_Josh

3 months ago#23
For it to have a storyline... really, I just want backstory, for the characters to have meaning...

SUMO/USUM kinda did this, but the overall game sucked so I can’t really count it....

I want the gym leaders to have a purpose, the elite four to have a purpose, the champion, the professor, etc. Rather than just standing around in the gym doing nothing. Sort of like what B2/W2 did, where the gym leaders saved you from the Seven Sages. That was epic.

Maybe walking Pokémon could make a return... I think they are in LGE/LGP, so I would like this transition to carry on at LEAST to the next gen.

And add some more mini games as well (Pokeathlon, PokeStar Studios, PWT, Badge collecting, Mantine Surfing). Just for something to do once you completed the game...
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User Info: MrFuzz111

3 months ago#24
My dream game would have...
-Graphics and animation quality comparable to Battle Revolution in HD
-A return to the traditional gym structure
-returning features include character customization, your lead Pokémon following you, and dexnav
-Both a hefty postgame with something like a Battle Frontier (and if it has a Battle Factory clone allow multiplayer there with a single console) as well as a decent amount of side content during the main game
-A shakeup to the legendary Pokémon formula. Most if not all legendaries in the game get their own dungeon with puzzles and at the halfway point you fight the legendary in a battle where it can't be caught, has multiple health bars (not too many, probably around 4 or 5 max with some having less) and is slightly stronger than normal without going into Ultra Necrozma levels of "outspeeds and onshots almost everything in the game" while growing stronger after each health bar. After this battle the legendary flees further into the dungeon, you get the opportunity to heal, and then progress. Some tougher puzzles with the same general concept as the first half, then at the end a normal battle with the legendary where you can catch it. Event mythicals also get these dungeons, or at the very least both a boss battle and a normal battle done through the main menu or something (mythical bosses this way could be refought for fun, but the normal battle option vanishes once you catch them).

Tl;dr Good graphics, gyms are back, some fan favorite old features, more content than a straight line through the game to a barren postgame, and legendaries getting proper boss battles before you can catch them. Last one is definitely unrealistic, and at this point I'll be happy with just the fourth thing.
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User Info: Zyguardian

3 months ago#25

Two completely unique legendaries. No dragon duo, no ‘one land and one sky’. I want something that feels totally unique.

I want new Megas. There’s gonna be a lot of material from gens 5, 6 and 7 to work with and give Megas to. For example, Zebstrika, Volcarona, Noivern, Golisopod, etc.

Triple battles. Rotation battles were s***

And a unique gym and elite four. I feel like it’s pretty similar ever time, for some reason. Maybe we can have the elements, Fire water grass and electric, as the elite four. And the gyms can be some of the less common gym types, like Ghost, Normal, Dark, Psychic, Fairy, Bug, Flying, Dragon

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User Info: Kujaix

3 months ago#26
Bare-minimum is just a less on rails adventure.

I'm not expecting much of anything from Gen 9 they weren't planning to do for the 3DS. Expect whatever game that would have been plus-HD visuals.

If it's a bit more than that then great but I doubt they will be taking advantage of the Switch's horsepower.

User Info: anon_fire

3 months ago#27
Basically allow veterans to toggle off the tutorials.

User Info: Fei_Ku

3 months ago#28
Any Pokemon following behind you
An actual story with interesting characters - haven’t had this since black/white
A way to get into the meta without hours of iv breeding crap
A post game battle frontier with rewards that are worth it a la shiny dratini in bw2
At least 125 new pokes
Gym system returns
Difficulty options
Legit battle animations
More char customization and clothing options
Icon next to the Poké name when they’re shiny
A way to make mid form Poké note viable besides eviolite
Much improved Ingame pic taking system
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User Info: Lavabit

3 months ago#29
HoosierGuy88 posted...
Let's Go is a huge disappointment visually but I still have hope for this game.

How? The battle animations are hella lazy, but it looks like a suitable evolution from last gen keeping with the art style of the series.

User Info: JarodLH

3 months ago#30
Tales_of_101 posted...
Dark type gym

Stopped reading.

Lol jk. Yeah pretty cool ideas. I would love to see more Megas and Ultra Beasts too. Probably won't happen, but I can hope.

I'll probably be upset if Pokémon following you doesn't return even though it's in Let's Go.
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