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  3. What are your personal hopes for Pokemon 2019?

User Info: Tales_of_101

4 months ago#1
Some of these have been taken for Let's Go (IMO the good features).

Here's what I'd like to see:
All Pokemon can follow you/ Can ride on larger Pokemon.(Maybe smaller Pokemon can be held or ride on the trainers shoulder or head)
Pokemon can find hidden items for you
Pokemon appear in the wild (No random Battles)
Can battle wild Pokemon (Just like previous games)
Pokemon appear as their actual sizes in battle.
Roto items returns (Or at least something similar)
Gyms return and there is a Dark type gym
Grass, Normal and Fairy Elite Four members
Poison type Legendary
New Megas
Bigger Postgame
National Dex returns
Event items return
Triple and Rotation battles return
Hyper Training return and is better than before.

Obviously i doubt all of these will happen but It's what I'd personally like to see. If I think of anything else I'll add it to my list.

But what are your hopes for this/these games?

User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 months ago#2
A bigger competitive focus. Pokemon needs to find a way into esports.

Even just bringing back 4 way battling/ team doubles.

Imagine extending that out to 6,6,12 or 6,6,10 rounds instead of the current 1v1 3,3,6 vgc rules.
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User Info: robill18

4 months ago#3
A Free Camera
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User Info: gladwyn101

4 months ago#4
My "sky's the limit" hope for a Pokemon game would be open-world instead of hard-set routes. I wanna go off the beaten path to find hidden stuff, rarer Pokemon, etc.
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User Info: Tkmajing

4 months ago#5
Gyms and national dex.
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User Info: HoosierGuy88

4 months ago#6
I want larger areas with more freedom to explore. I would like it to be less linear so we can go to any city/gym in whatever order we choose, similar to Gen 1. I also would definitely prefer a free moving camera. Since this game will be in HD I really want to see beautiful environments that take full advantage of the power of the Switch hardware. Let's Go is a huge disappointment visually but I still have hope for this game.

User Info: quintonshark163

4 months ago#7
-120+ or more New Pokemon
-A Story that is straight to the point
-Less Cutscenes and/or a skip cutscene button
-Less or No Handholding
-A Difficulty Setting
-Something simillar to Poke Pelago
-You being able to choose your Hidden Power type
-DexNav or something simillar
-Battle Royal and now becomes a ''Last Man Standing'' type mode
-6v6 online battles
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User Info: otischugach

4 months ago#8
Jesus you are all setting yourself up for disappointment. I’m just hoping battling returns at all...
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User Info: HoosierGuy88

4 months ago#9
otischugach posted...
Jesus you are all setting yourself up for disappointment. I’m just hoping battling returns at all...

Since they said the 2019 game will feel familiar to long time fans I'd say that's a given.

User Info: Phrase-of-Eve

4 months ago#10
I hope it's better than Sun & Moon, gameplay-wise. Give me that much and I'll be pleased.

To be more specific...
- Over 100 new Pokemon would be great. I'm not asking for 150+ (as cool as that would be), but enough to leave me feeling a real sense of satisfaction once I've caught each new species. Gen VI and Gen VII were both lacking in this regard.
- In terms of what kind of Pokemon I would like to see, I'd like to see a Dark/Fairy Pokemon, preferably a legendary one. Psychic/Bug, Fire/Grass, and Electric/Poison are other interesting type combinations I'd like to see added. And of course, really excited for the expected two new Eeveelutions! Dragon and poison types would be awesome.
- Ditch the festival plaza. Go back to the PSS or at least something similar.
- In addition, bring back the DexNav! Or again, something close to it.
- HMs have absolutely no reason to return. They weren't in Sun and Moon or their sequel/AU/whatever, they don't appear to be in Let's Go. Let's keep it that way for Gen VIII... or really any future Pokemon games.
- I want Pokemon to walk behind you (and let you ride those that are big enough if possible). Not a must have thing, but since Let's Go has this, I see no reason why the Gen VIII game shouldn't.
- Keep the art-style closer to Sun and Moon. No chibi characters, please. Also, make the color palette more vibrant, like Let's Go. It's one of the few things I'm seeing from that game that is actually appealing.
- Bring back the national dex. Good lord, bring it back. Don't keep it trapped behind a paywall in PokeBank or its Switch equivalent.
- I really want to see them introduce some new Mega forms and regional variants. I would hate for nothing new to come of both concepts, as they each still have plenty of potential, in my opinion. I really hate that Geme Freak adds these neat ideas and features only to abandon them or neglect to expand on them.
- Finally, for the love of all that is holy, tone down the Gen I/Kanto fanservice. It's okay to have it, but the other gens need love too. Each gen should get a decent amount of shout-outs, cameos, new forms for Pokemon, etc. Assuming that the Gen VIII game does that at all, anyway. But really, give each generation a good amount of affection, so every fan of any generation can be happy and not feel left out. It doesn't have to be perfectly balanced, but it should at least attempt to make it appear as though one gen doesn't overshadow another, if that makes any sense. This right here is probably my biggest hope.

...among other things, but these are the big ones I want to see. Wishful thinking? Probably. But boy, do I wish. And hoo-boy, that's quite a wall of text I just made.
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