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  3. PC Players: Are you gonna get a Switch just for Rise?
HeliosMagi 1 year ago#1
Buy, Emulate, or Skip?

Unless they announce an official PC version I'll probably just run it on Yuzu.
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Dark_Abaddon 1 year ago#2
I own a switch so I'm good
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orBhsiF 1 year ago#3
I'll emulate it most likely. I have a Switch but the game just does not get me excited at all.
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Free_san 1 year ago#4
Definitely should have just put it in the PS4 section.

But I'll repeat what I already said: without the ability to mod in fixes to capcom's likely asinine game design decisions (even if I personally don't use said fixes), that's a no buy for me. I own a switch, and I've had enough of capcom's dripfeed asinine game design decisions for one generation.

For the most part, I run no mods on IB. I occasionally bring up damage meter for curiosity or to see if someone's cheating, and a mod that optimizes game performaance. In base MHW, I ran an "all event quests available offline" because hunting buddies wanted to run it and they had less time to spare.

Seen a ton of complaints about deco rates in MHW + IB, KT RNG nonsense, guiding lands tedium, etc etc. While I personally kept going, I did it knowing that if I still truly hated it, I could fix it in minutes.

I don't trust capcom to keep that out of MHRise. If I were quite literally given the game (or have it set up for me on whatever emulator is out there), I still wouldn't play it if not for someone else.

But, a lot of what I feel is time-based. In time, I might be open to trying again and being slinger bursted into capcom's game design wall. Maybe I'll like it, maybe I won't. I'd have to wait until Rise Ultimate at minimum before I'd willingly try it myself though.
teknic1200 1 year ago#5
I already bought a switch for Gen U
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JoyHappiness 1 year ago#6
already have switch....
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ProboBum 10 months ago#7
No need to get a Switch for MonHun Rise or emulating it if you're interested in it, it's officially coming to PC. That being said, you'll have to wait until sometime early 2022 for it.
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shaminos 8 months ago#8
Gonna get myself a switch later this year, but It's not the only game Im interested in, otherwise I wouldn't bother purchasing it solely for that game, specially since PC release is coming next year.
However, my reason for acquiring a switch is mostly cuz I have a couple of friends to play with.
Timic83 1 week ago#9
I'd play it on Steam lol
Already have world tho
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  3. PC Players: Are you gonna get a Switch just for Rise?
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