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  3. Just bought the game, first time playing, quit because of the controls.

User Info: EternalWolf

4 months ago#1
This is unbelievable. The horse didnt move when I got on it, then I finally figure out how to move it and the camera keeps shifting, then I quit after stabbing the first colossi in the leg because I couldnt figure out how to climb further up.

These are some of the worst controls I have ever experienced in a game and im like 5 minutes in. Im not trying to hate on the game, its supposed to be good and I wait to be able to play it because I spent $20 on it but wtf. Lords of Shadow had titans, it controlled fine. Devil May Cry and Resident Evil are supposed to be hard or have bad controls, those are fine. Breath of the Wild and Ocarina have horses, they control fine.

WHAT THE f*** IS THIS s***.

Just tell me what Im doing wrong because I really dont know and after trying to climb the colossi for so long only not to be able to get past the first b"ledge" on its leg or just hang off its ass is infuriating.
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User Info: Lord_Wombat

4 months ago#2
1- You can turn on "classic" controls from the options menu, if that's your preference.

2- Throwing a fit won't allow anyone to take you seriously.

3- Ease up on the exaggerations.
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User Info: roboknux

4 months ago#3
Garbage-tier controls and simplistic gameplay, but visually it looks great. Never understood why it was a "classic", solid 6/10 for me.

User Info: RedDusk

4 months ago#4
Oh you can turn on classic controls? Awesome. It's still in my backlog but I thought the new control scheme was mandatory.
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  2. Shadow of the Colossus
  3. Just bought the game, first time playing, quit because of the controls.
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