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  3. Worst part of Alatreon is

User Info: O-rion

4 weeks ago#21
One thing that's messed up is the fact that he tosses you off from doing Zero Sum Discharge even with Rocksteady on. Way to ruin it for Switch Axe I guess
"Can you swing an axe?"

User Info: protoboy123

3 weeks ago#22
Dude the hitbox of that attack is even worse than Plesioth's hitbox. His other moves have very questionable hitboxes as well but that attack is just rediculous.

User Info: corrin6657

3 weeks ago#23
LordFarquad1312 posted...
That and the fire rings have weird hitboxes imo.
I've exploded because 1 strand of hair happened to be in the perimeter of the last circle

The fire ring attack is great opening if you are using GS.
Most annoying attack is when it flies and I'm using my GS or other melee weapons.

User Info: NebulaXIII

3 weeks ago#24
Finally beat this thing with randoms after giving up solo. Took a group of 4 people and 16 minutes. None of us surprisingly carted. Hunting horn makes a world of difference!
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  3. Worst part of Alatreon is
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