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  3. So, do you use your main weps because of the damage or because you find it fun?
Fairycancel posted...
Sns and db are pretty darn great right now. They got little problems if at all. Db likes to tender a whole lot lol
I play solo most of the time, so the db tenderize isn’t as easy to pull off consistently. And the clawryuken is a hot mess with its targeting. I wish you could do it from standstill. And the back hop isn’t as easy to chain as in base world, that charge time is a small eternity sometimes, and it doesn’t dodge these giant, lingering, double hitting hit boxes as well.

they aren’t bad weapons or anything, I still give them a spin here and there, they just suck at hitting faces, tails and wings. Those are generally the juicy hitzones and the parts of monsters you want to break
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Well, I main HH, so...

...that's all.
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I can only stand to play IG. Every other weapon is either so slow it's unfathomable to me that anyone could have fun using it, or it's just so clunky and bad at actually getting to the target that I don't know how people make it work. Meanwhile I can make just about any monster look like a complete joke with IG, dodging everything, mounting constantly, healing myself whenever I get chipped by something without even stopping for pots, and getting all of the flinch shots, all while being able to fly all over the place and make the game look like an Attack on Titan episode.

When I first started doing the arena quests, I carted against PUKEI about 6 times trying to use the greatsword. I swore never to touch the thing (or anything else even remotely like it, such as the lance) again.
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User Info: DarxWingDuck

1 week ago#14
LS for damage

GL to negate bs

They're both fun. If they weren't, I wouldn't use them.
I use every weapon the game has to offer just no SA, it'll remain at Zero counts forever. I was finally able to jump into Guiding Lands with an Iron Katana and fight monsters all day. Sure I didn't slay anything, but man was it fun to just enjoy the hunt. Gonna grab a different Iron weapon next time. Or maybe a Bone version.
After a few hours of solo, I will admit it does get lonely...
I've played with a decent number of the weapons but I keep falling back on Sticky LBG to the point that I think it's become a crutch for me.
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User Info: IAmMagicMan

1 week ago#17
Nobody uses Insect Glaive for its damage...
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IAmMagicMan posted...
Nobody uses Insect Glaive for its damage...
You can argue you want longer hunts, and so it becomes a matter of wanting IG’s damage...
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User Info: MakotoYuri

1 week ago#19
Meta Lance, the best of both worlds, comfort and damage (but you have to like it)

I think most here pay for fun, there are just 2-3 loudmouth hbg dmg or gtfo guys around who troll around.
is Mayonnaise a Jojo reference too?
I main HBG.
I've always loved it, but in previous games I couldn't restock on ammo and the controls always felt off.
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  3. So, do you use your main weps because of the damage or because you find it fun?
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