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MandalorianSun posted...
who knows why people pick faves and mains. My faves in base world were sns main, then cb, ig, gl and db as alternates.

now in IB, I’ve stopped sns and db, since the range and clutch claw don’t serve those weapons as well, and I’ve stopped cb, since it’s gone elemental, and with less time to sharpen, that sharpness loss on blocks gets annoying.

in IB, the main is lance, with ig and gl as the alternates. Lance has best clutch claw mechanics and attack in the game, and the other two sidestep tenderize entirely.

Although, even though the IG can be a bit of a chore, I’ve realized that it is the most versatile weapon in the whole game, and may switch to it as main. It can use status, element and raw at same time, it can break every single part on safi, it breaks kt horns, it’s good against extremoth, ancient leshen, can hit Luna wings, kushala face at at any time, all the different monsters it can handle and parts it can break.

whereas, lance has it’s fatal weakness to pin attacks, almost no way of avoiding them since all its mobility has no iframes. Extremoth really made that clear to me when i solo’d.

GL sucks against enemies with high hp and good hitzones, like MR kulve and A. leshen are atrocious with gunlance.

i don’t really like it when a weapon has monsters whose design really screws over that weapon.

Also, I don’t play guns/bow, because i hate ammo management, low defense, and the melee combat too satisfying.
Sns and db are pretty darn great right now. They got little problems if at all. Db likes to tender a whole lot lol
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