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User Info: Enclosure

1 week ago#1
So affinity booster lasts 60s on a 180s cooldown. But the buff lasts 20s, so if you stay in it as it ends, it actually lasts 80s.
Meanwhile, if you have tool specialist secret and also eat for it, it gets you 55% cooldown reduction. This drops affinity booster to 81s.
This is basically 100% uptime. Then your other tool also gains 55% cdr.

Anyone considered the viability of this?

User Info: Robust

1 week ago#2
the eating part would be hard... it really works with boosters? never thought of that
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User Info: Unbound-King

1 week ago#3
Wait I'm confused.
The booster lasts 60 seconds.
Standing in it gives you 20 seconds of uptime on it outside of the booster.
Once the Booster itself wears off, it goes into 180 seconds of cooldown.
Tool Specialist 5 drops this by 50% to 90 seconds. The food skill that reduces Equipment cooldown does so by 5% bringing you down to 81 seconds.
So, after the 60 second booster wears off, assuming you were standing in it to get 80 seconds total, you'd still have to wait 61 seconds to put it back up.
Having to wait a minute doesn't feel like 100% uptime...

On the flip side, Tool Specialist 5 means virtually unlimited uptime on Glider Mantle and your choice of either Evasion or Rocksteady Mantles. Evasion and Rocksteady last 90 seconds each, Glider Mantle needs 120 seconds to recharge which is reduced to 60 seconds on TS5. Evasion and Rocksteady need 300 and 360 seconds to recharge respectively, reduced by TS5 to 150 and 180 seconds, the Glider Mantle covers this period having 180 seconds of uptime.
So like, if you felt like it, you could have one level of Evasion on your set alongside TS5.
Then you could put two Evasion+ Jewels into Glider, and obviously Evasion Mantle innately has EA5 if not a little bit more i-frames plus the damage buff on dodging.
You now effectively have infinite uptime on EA5.
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(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Enclosure

1 week ago#4
Did it go on cd after the effect ends? Makes sense now that i think about it, but i was thinking it started cooldown as soon as you dropped it, when i was making the topic. My mistake then.

User Info: Archwing3441

1 week ago#5
It’s sort of a shame that you can’t fit both shara’s passive with lunastra.
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