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  3. Rajang motion capture video. Must watch.

User Info: KCGemini

3 weeks ago#11
Symphoenixa posted...
Give me the Konchu motion cap video already!

After seeing this, I'm not ready to go to the next level.
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User Info: Ghannos

3 weeks ago#12
Placid01 posted...
I kept thinking throughout the fight that he looked too much like a man in a monkey suit. I guess now I know why.
Well, we are monkeys in man suits. Thus giving Rajang layers.

User Info: zog79

3 weeks ago#13
Dunceney posted...
I want the Kirin mod more than Jang, fighting rolled futton with plastic bottle horn gonna be dope af.
Now we know the content of the next major update, there you go.
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User Info: darealest47

3 weeks ago#14
This was amazing
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User Info: Dark_Abaddon

3 weeks ago#15
so good
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User Info: fate311

3 weeks ago#16
This is glorious.
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User Info: TheOriginalMax

3 weeks ago#17
Goddamn I just wanna punch that guy in the gut because of what an a****** Rajang is lol
I can't punch the real thing, so I'll take his mocap artist instead XD

Also stop bullying the Raijin Unicorn :[
At least he's an actually fun monster to fight. b****.
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  3. Rajang motion capture video. Must watch.
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