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User Info: zog79

1 month ago#1
Can you tame it ?
How f***ed are you ?
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User Info: SilverHawke27

1 month ago#2
The neighborhood was just demolished by a sapphire star drop.

Thankfully I had a crag to hide behind.
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User Info: _Angel_

1 month ago#3


Human popsicles everywhere, even though it's CA it's cold atm. I'd say pretty f***ed.
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User Info: Asuka Kazama

Asuka Kazama
1 month ago#4
Brute Tigrex. Im ****...
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User Info: Hero_Sensei14

1 month ago#5
Acidic Glavenus.
House is in half now, and what’s left is being eroded away....
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User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
1 month ago#6
I just did a Tempered Lunastra in the Guiding Lands so... There goes the neighborhood...
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User Info: lPixels

1 month ago#7
Tempered Rajang capture, he’s still sleeping from the tranqs.. Send help.
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User Info: nebula2

1 month ago#8
Savage jho....

Go my minion destroy this pathetic world!
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User Info: Dragoon67

1 month ago#9
Shagra Ishvala maybe they'll leave when they realize how annoying it is trying to get the tenderplate lol
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User Info: TheOriginalMax

1 month ago#10
Yian Garuga... :|
To be fair, no one has unlimited patience, and at times this board could come close flustering the Buddha.-geekneck99
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