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User Info: Robust

1 week ago#11
or better yet, you have to wear that monsters armor while you beat it, then you can make the layered
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User Info: Genelord

1 week ago#12
_Angel_ posted...
It's a nice endgame goal.
It would be better to offer cosmetics that aren't just of armor we can already craft. I think it would be better reward layered armor of monsters that aren't in the game, like Gogma or Gore armor.

User Info: lPixels

1 week ago#13
I’m all for any kind of challenging objectives like this being added to the game.

Only layered I’d love to have is sealed dragon cloth.
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Seems the demand is high enough. I don't know why capcom hasn't start selling layered armor yet. It doesn't have to be the ones existing as crafted armor. Just something special or different. Like the silver knight or samurai.
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User Info: EHnter

1 week ago#15
Rayanson posted...
What would you think of this? And which armor would you aim for / guarantee you can get?

I think it'd be nice to make every armors layered as long as you hunt the monster without armor (then they release it the guiding land way) you basically get early access

I wanna say it'd create diversity among layered but there's already a lot tbh so that won't change that much, but I'd like to flex that seething Bazelgeuse armor for male, also Velkhana, paolumu, odogaron

And it'll be a fun challenge with an OK reward, I'd easily get Velkhana, Lunastra and other depending on the weapon I bring

Instead of naked runs it could be no damage run (or no flinch, like you can get dumb aura damage for the challenge but as soon as you take recoil from a hit (you can shield, it won't cancel the challenge) you can get it, I guess it'd be better since you can have an effective armor now

Or 3rd option: arena quest (set for 2 or 4 players, idk) for every monster with the usual questionable armor sets and you have to get A rank to get the layered?

I'd take any tbh
Yes, but only melee weapon. No bows or guns.

User Info: Pots_Togo

1 week ago#16
I miss naked quests from old games

You had to earn transmogs in xx/gu

User Info: MakotoYuri

1 week ago#17
*takes a side glance at lance* count me in!

Anyway I don't mind how IB does it, just annoying that we have to wait an eternity for them to add more.
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User Info: cheapchip

1 week ago#18
As long as it's a 15 minutes quests in arena, yeah.
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User Info: Rayanson

1 week ago#19
Remember that it's just to get early access to a layered, at the end of the day it'll be available to anyone by trading guiding lands components, also it'd be cool if the armor you got from those naked run / no dmg run / A rank arena had some shining on them just to show that they are kinda rare

As for arena quest to unlock this, S rank would be an absolute pain, my friend and I struggled hard to beat Nargacuga & zinogre's A rank whole we downed everything else pretty easily

S rank should allow you to bring your own armor or mix & match pieces just like in the demo (I loved how the demo handles armors, and I'm still baffled by the fact that this simple system has never been used out of the demos, so S rank should be shorter time with your actual armor or a mix match I guess

Or maybe A rank one of the 5 weapons grant a piece of layered but I'd be so mad at this cuz there are weapons I don't even wanna hear about like lance, hammer switch axe... And the guns are most of the time absolute doodoo in arena
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User Info: CaoSlayer

1 week ago#20
SilverHawke27 posted...
Probably about as bad as Ubisoft and it's Orichalcum idea with Odyssey. Sure it sounds good on paper. Until you realize the odds are extremely stacked against you ever getting anything from the Helix store with the currency. Much less a full set of five armor pieces.

The same would apply here. Especially since you would largely end up being OHKO by pretty much everything. Since the only skills you could pull out would be a couple off your weapon from decos, and whatever your charm and mantles could give you.

In short, it'd just piss people off. Spend 20 to 30 minutes in a hunt because your DPS is in the trash due to lack of skills, only to have one unlucky moment ruin the entire thing.

I completed world without armor once and the only monster that took over 10 minutes was Xeno'jiiva and I was using the jho gunlance unupgraded as melee only.

Now would be easier being abke to wall slam.
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(edited 1 week ago)
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