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User Info: BIGTACO

1 week ago#21
Celery_O_Astora posted...
MKparka I love the idea of tiras weapons, can't believe I never thought of chakrams lol. Could totally do giant boomerangs as slow and heavy feeling with KO, while Chakrams would be more agile while doing cutting damage.
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User Info: CzarMatt

1 week ago#22
Would like to use a Logarius' Wheel on some monster's face.

User Info: Genelord

1 week ago#23
I would like to see a boomerang set as a gunner weapon whose gameplay focuses on juggling boomerangs in your hands with those already in the field.

Or maybe a whip weapon focused on hitting tippers, IDK.

User Info: Malzel

1 week ago#24
Rework clutch claw to be its own weapon(s).
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User Info: Okamiaku

1 week ago#25
Malzel posted...
Rework clutch claw to be its own weapon(s).
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User Info: The_ShruMi

1 week ago#26
I'd like to see tonfas. Not sure if they're in other MH games but I think they could have good defensive and offensive movesets.
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User Info: Rayanson

1 week ago#27
Boxing gloves/tonfa like impact dual blades

Scythe that world be similar to the Katana with counters etc and it can lower the monster's elemental resistance or something

Chain or blade whip, a super fast weapon good for elemental & statuses, have charge attacks, command grab like hammer that leads to a finisher with high tripping value I guess?
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User Info: X-SkyBlaze

1 week ago#28
Ball & Chain is all i ask.

Agile weapon with semi long-range reach is a nice addition to Blunt type.

User Info: Tiro

1 week ago#29
I'd like chakrams if they played like the ones in Kingdoms of Amalur.

User Info: Faithful123

1 week ago#30
The Composite Sword from Shadow Fight 2, but with an elemental discharge gauge (power, element, exhaust, etc.) that is activated in specific attacks and automatically refills when it's not being depleted, though in a somewhat slow manner; the hunter would have to manage how much of the gauge is being depleted with how much of the gauge is being replenished when the elemental discharge attacks aren't being used.
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