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User Info: Tyranidomega

1 week ago#11
Hunting Hound, a "weapon" type centered around using a wolf like pet to deal damage. This almost became a thing in Generations.
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User Info: xo0Achilles0ox

1 week ago#12
Elemental/status wielding mages! Would be somewhat like a combination of the Kinsect and Hunting Horn. Buff the party and cast spells and s***.

User Info: bored_af

1 week ago#13
Current weapon trees to introduce blunt and cutting versions. For example the Demon Rod (Rajang GS) or any DB clubs should be be a blunt weapon where as Pandemonium Unleashed (Blackveil Hammer) can cut.

User Info: Okamiaku

1 week ago#14
Celery_O_Astora posted...
* Hello hunters :) just wanted to post some ideas I have for some new weapons, but I'd also love to hear yours. The 14 we have right now are great and pretty diverse, but I can't help but want more lol. Here are my ideas. Giant-boomerang: just as the name implies, a boomerang that's about the size of the Hunter. Does KO damage through swings and throws. Always loved this idea and think it would be so much fun. kusarigama: if you've ever played Nioh you know what this is. A hand scythe and blunted weight connected by a chain. The scythe would be used in melee and do cutting damage, while the blunted weight could be thrown for KO damage. Those are my main ideas and I think they would fit just fine in the series. Let me know what you think :)
Look at Toukiden and God Eater for ideas and implementations. (Toukiden already had the clutch claw before Iceborne)

Monster Hunter already has the big boomerangs, its what "Prowlers" fight with.(The Palicoes that are as strong as hunters)
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User Info: Celery_O_Astora

1 week ago#15
Lol I know prowlers can use them, I'm talking boomerangs the size of hunters here XD. Was never a fan of playing prowler, so didn't get to use it much. That "hound" weapon sounds really interesting

User Info: dcharms

1 week ago#16
Scythe is nice. Mace?

User Info: Clemons75

1 week ago#17
Javelin that can stick and has unique mounting options.

Some kind of turret or trap placement. Like souped up Palico gadgets.

User Info: MKParka

1 week ago#18
Whip sword, chains, those ring things Tira from soulcalibur uses

User Info: RoadRollerGuy

1 week ago#19
Enough with anime rubbish. A simple sword and shield is enough for a hunt. Classic Knight-Errant FTW!

But give me a greatsword-level damage while still maintain SnS' swiftness.
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User Info: Celery_O_Astora

1 week ago#20
MKparka I love the idea of tiras weapons, can't believe I never thought of chakrams lol. Could totally do giant boomerangs as slow and heavy feeling with KO, while Chakrams would be more agile while doing cutting damage.
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