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  3. Do you hate Siege/Forced MP quests?

User Info: didierre

1 week ago#1
What's your answer? - Results (276 votes)
58.33% (161 votes)
41.67% (115 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Also what would be your reaction if Fatalis becomes a Siege?

User Info: moseph187

1 week ago#2
No I’ve enjoyed them all in world and were probably some of my favourite hunts.
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User Info: UragaanaDie

1 week ago#3
Like sieges like jhen or Lao but hate forced MP like the leshen roots mechanic. Multiplayer scaled health is fine like in the past games hub quests.
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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

1 week ago#4
Every hunt should soloable. Seiges like lao and jhen are trash after the first clear but so is forced MP or any mechanic that lets you control aggro.
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User Info: Rhiethreal

1 week ago#5
I voted no. I prefer playing solo, and I dislike monsters like AL or Extremoth being forcibly scaled to multiplayer. Although, I think KT and Safi worked well as multiplayer quests.

As long as they stop doing things like Ancient Leshen, and they limit forced multiplayer to things like Safi, then I am happy with that.

User Info: okidori4life

1 week ago#6
Hmmmmmm on the fence...

I would usually vote YES (hate em), but in the end when I finally hunker down and play the forced MP missions... i end up having a lot fun.

The concept of forced MP is something I dislike... but then again its kinda fun sometimes.

Eh I dunno. You can see how conflicted I am on this topic lol

User Info: Araito

1 week ago#7
No. I can play solo but it’s always more
fun with friends.
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User Info: fate311

1 week ago#8
Dislike the former/Indifferent to the latter (Gathering hub mp scaling specifically) for previous games.

Dislike for both in regards to World/Iceborne. For specifics...strong dislike/hate for behemoth for many reasons, indifferent to Ancient Leshen mostly, dislike Safi'jiiva. Scaling on quests otherwise is fine but the forced MP mechanics can gtfo for all I care.
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User Info: R_Jackal

1 week ago#9
Yeah, don't like it. Just make lesser rarity versions of weapons or exclude top end rarity ones from an easier SP variant if there has to be a compromise.

User Info: jZangetsu21

1 week ago#10
I do, which is why I play on PC and use a mod to make them solo
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  3. Do you hate Siege/Forced MP quests?
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