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User Info: neogeno

1 week ago#21
Snazzy21 posted...
Im playing on PC and have had none of these problems or any performance issues. Im running a 3 (almost 4) year old 1070 an i7 6700 with 32gig of ram.
I'm playing on an Asus ROG Zephyrus laptop and the game has had zero issues and runs buttery smooth. It's the same for every game I get from Steam.
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User Info: DeBron

1 week ago#22
works on my machine
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User Info: Blufield

1 week ago#23
GTX 1660 ti, no special settings. I played on launch for a whole day without any problems, then the next day I had it freeze and close on me multiple times. A day or two later, I noticed a glitchy texture in-game, the weird blocky rainbow type that usuall happens when your card is dying.. something I haven't seen in games for a long time.

So I check the temperature, and it was above 176f/80c. GPU load was listed as 99% in Nvidia Inspector and the fan was loud. Then I remembered I saw someone complain about a similar problem and they said they limited the frame rate, and that worked. Dropped the temperature and GPU load significantly.

I'm sure I've seen other people saying similar things here and there. Everybody posts completely different specs, but there doesn't seem to be any consistency between GPU/CPU load/frame rate problems. No problems after playing for a few hours today.
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User Info: Zennou

1 week ago#24
Blufield posted...
but there doesn't seem to be any consistency between GPU/CPU load/frame rate problems. No problems playing for a few hours today.
As far as anyone can tell there's no rhyme or reason to it because it's not a genuine optimization problem. As baffling as it is that the game runs worse somehow it's not like they went in and actively tried to. They made a huge mistake somewhere that must be making calls to the CPU and GPU f***ing constantly to stress them out so much more than the game used to. Some cards, even severely outdated ones can hold up under that fine and some don't. Sometimes the same GPU does fine in one system but not another. It's f***ing weird.
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User Info: Dark_Abaddon

1 week ago#25
I had no issues here, but I have a 32 core i9 and 128 GB of RAM, and 2x GTX 1080 TIs, so my computer doesn't really ever have issues unless something is REALLY bad.

only 1 of my friends had issues, and all they had to do was marginally lower the graphics settings.
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User Info: JD Old No7

JD Old No7
1 week ago#26
Apparently, capcom shoed in some anti cheat software (which was of course immeditaely bypassed) which slows the game down to a crawl. Disabling these cleared up frame rate issues for some players. Still, for some people even diabling that the game still eats up their CPU.
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User Info: saltedham

1 week ago#27
no problems with pc version for me. it actually runs better than base world.

TEzeon431 posted...
I've also been hearing horror stories about the PC version of Iceborne.

MHW ran just fine for me on PC, and in fact I preferred it to the PS4 version due to the superior frame rate/loading speeds

But I have yet to pick up Iceborne on PC and I am not hearing good things so far

I've had literally no problems what so ever since Iceborne launched. Installed it just fine the day of release, played it the following day with zero issues, and continue to have no technical problems with it what so ever.

More often than not, the problems people experience generally come from not realizing they're running on older hardware that can't keep up with the game (the weird save over writing issue not with standing). Yes, sometimes ports are very, very s***ty, but other times they're not, and mileage may vary. I do run a higher mid-range PC, however, so that's likely why I'm not experiencing any issues whereas others are.

God knows that before I upgraded my graphics card, a lot of modern games were running like complete ass. But $300 fixed that problem and then some.
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User Info: Enclosure

1 week ago#29
Problems for me on pc iceborne launch:

1) stalls on loading screen into astera - fixed by deleting my ponytail mod.
2) random short freezes during the game, but more often on cutscenes - not fixed, but as of yesterday it was much less frequent (happened once in a 2hr play period) as compared to launch day (about 4 times in the first 30mins)

And thats all Ive run into. Not even all that great a system im on. Gtx 970m card, dont remember cpu. It doesn't even really heat up the laptop any more than other games.

User Info: phrett

1 week ago#30
My 6 year old rig runs two GTX 970s in SLI with no real issues
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