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  3. Is playing meta important to you?

User Info: Panthera

1 week ago#41
Placid01 posted...

Also, I don't think I've ever had the right gems to make a meta set anyway. Oh well.

I'm sure guys like you and I will find a single <good skill>+ jewel some day. Maybe. Hopefully.

Probably not.

User Info: iljindaebak

1 week ago#42
In a PvE game not really
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User Info: Archwing3441

1 week ago#43
Panthera posted...
I'm sure guys like you and I will find a single <good skill>+ jewel some day. Maybe. Hopefully.

Probably not.
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User Info: DarkRPGMaster

1 week ago#44
Definitely a no, I prefer to use stuff that gives me good offense, but also decos that cover possible problems that may occur depending on the fight. Meaning I have Stun Res 3 on all the time, Health Boost 3 all the time, and I have a few slots that are constantly rotating ailment protection and elemental protection depending on the fight. If there's anything the old MH games taught me, playing defensively leads to few carts and many successful hunts.
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User Info: bakalap22

1 week ago#45
I adapt my builds to the meta with qol skills.

User Info: R_Jackal

1 week ago#46
Nope... Always tailor my skills n decos to my play style on every weapon I used.

User Info: Okamiaku

1 week ago#47
Use whatever you want. Just hit the monster and dodge/block.

I'm more annoyed by the people are in full meta sets but never developed actual skill. They try to let gear carry them and end up just carting or not being aggressive attackers enough. (honorable mention for the people who miss most of their attacks)
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User Info: vice_dragon

1 week ago#48
Dudes and Dudettes I like Earplugs too damn much to care about meta. Too many TCS and Wyvern Fires roared away, NO MORE!
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User Info: Araito

1 week ago#49
It’s the only thing that I can play, after all the time I’ve spent on the game I just can’t play with sub par stuff.

And I still use health boost 3 in all of my sets. There is no argument in not running it, it’s the best defensive skill in the game. Plenty of tempered T3 and even T2 can combo you out easily or even one shot you without it.

Its the most popular skill in the game and everyone I see in investigation lobbies has it on.

Even if you have a massive shield to hide behind you should still use it.
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User Info: SinExDeath

1 week ago#50
gilgaRe posted...

To the people that are all about meta, you realize MH games are not that hard, right? The only thing forcing you to use the best possible equipment and nothing else is your ego.

I take it you haven't heard of the phrase: "Anti-Elitism is still elitism". If you want to use what you want without unwarranted criticism, you must first give others the same courtesy.
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