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  3. Is playing meta important to you?

User Info: traumprinz

1 week ago#21
Gabe1 posted... The combinations are more than generous and overwhelming with skils to balance Dps and health for all weapon types as you get an extra armor piece from safi weapons, build your sharpness, element, affinity, ailment, dps , stamina, healing, you can go extreme with any of those as it suits you
you realize youre agreeing with me right?
you do realize what im trying to say is i can fit in health boost and divine blessing 5 into almost every build and still have room for damage skills.
you do realize my whole point is for people to think about the others and not inconvenience them

stop pretending to be dense
you took my 2 sentences and decided to write paragraphs on them for no f***ing reason at all
if youre in my tempered t3 investigations youve played long enough to figure things out for yourself and know what all the skills do instead of cramming 50% at best crit rate on parts youre never going to wound yourself with your set that locks you into true crit element

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User Info: A_Flareon

1 week ago#22
gilgaRe posted...
To the people that are all about meta, you realize MH games are not that hard, right?

Why do I have the feeling that your first MH was World?

User Info: Sabram

1 week ago#23
Missed a poll option that says "Kind of, I want to have well put together sets and weapons, but don't need the best possible"
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User Info: Gabe1

1 week ago#24
@traumprinz , yes I'm agreeing with you and sudgesting more combinations that are not towards only extremes as Dps/ meta builds
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User Info: Panthera

1 week ago#25
Oh hey, another "people who play differently than me are bad! God I hate elitism even though I am an elitist" thread

User Info: Unbound-King

1 week ago#26
Panthera posted...
I am an elitist
I relate to this bit.
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User Info: okidori4life

1 week ago#27

If im not playing meta I get depressed.

I once accidentally put on a health boost deco and vomited all over my controller. I now have a sticky R1. f*** me.
Minmaxing and gradually improving your armor set is to me one of the main draws of the game.
If you're smart enough, you'll naturally gravitate towards a similar set end game that others deem best in slot or top tier.
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User Info: _Angel_

1 week ago#29
I never f***ing play meta honestly. Only time I did play meta was when I was grinding these games out like a job but I've moved past that until Safi came along lmao
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User Info: Robust

1 week ago#30
SlajifrasH045 posted...
Ohhh so here we have the reason you find tempered namielle easy, you're not even running a meta build roflmao

don't forget defense boost
i dont use hammer against namielle you clown
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